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5 Best Practices for the Remote Workers in the SEO VPS Industry

5 Best Practices For The Remote Workers In The SEO VPS Industry

The working styles have significantly seen major flexibilities as compared to the preceding two decades. The normal style of working was to travel down to established office space, sit in a designated place with a system allotted from where one is expected to work.

All the official activities would take place completely from that designated place in that particular region. The only remote aspect was that one company could have offices in a different place.

Thanks to much of the varsities of the internet, work styles have transformed. The unthinkable, a few decades back is the new way of functioning. The rates at which start-ups and independent organizations are emerging are all a result of these fast-changing dynamics powered by the mighty network of networks. Not just that but established organizations too don’t require all of its associates to come down and work at their office spaces.

The concept that is very popular in today’s times is that of remote working. Working from the privilege and comfort of one’s homes comes with its added advantages.

For an employee, you don’t need to worry about what to wear to the office the next day or to get your food packed or pack your office bag or indulge (unwillingly) in the office drama and politics. Much of these hassles are saved when you get to work from practically anywhere. This kind of flexibility in the working style is what remote working is like.

Remote working is proven to have garnered better results as compared to on-site working. Usually, many companies feel that remote working is nothing but a sheer distraction for an employee plus unsecured. However, it is not true.


The purpose of having a dedicated office is so that confidential information remains together and that there is an ease in communication as everyone is under the same roof. But in the age of cloud systems, chat portals, and network security solutions, this condition is weak as an argument.

For a company rather, remote working saves up infrastructure costs, expenses on looking after staff, maintenance costs, and much more. The major investment would be to get the online system well established. Get a server that will be best to accommodate all the remote workforce that is distributed geographically in a secure connection.

Many companies opt for dedicated servers as it provides the speed and security that helps especially if you are in the digital marketing industry and toggle with SEO and Google rankings.

The server dictates the quality and results of the Google rankings and that is why a secured server is of utmost importance. Many small-medium scale companies in the SEO business opt for a VPS server.

A VPS server gives the company a private network where all of its workforces can come on board to work together. While it is a great way for a remote workforce to come together, some good security practices are enough to float the boat.

Industry experts recommend some practices which may go a long way if you are a remote worker working in an SEO industry which is VPS based. Five of these golden practices include-

  1.  Password Protection

Password Protection

If the password is given by the company, ensure that it is given over a call and not texts. Texts may or may not be encrypted in a network. When it comes to sharing passwords with one another it is necessary that typed ones are avoided.

When using a VPS, ensure it is through SSL. Keep updating default passwords. Make sure of using unique combinations. Two-step password verification would be the best. Let there be a verification number that is sent to a mobile number. This way it will not fall in the wrong hands.

  1.  Logout when system not in use

Keeping the account logged in means that you are walking right in the lion’s den. For official systems and networks, the best is to log in every time you work. A logged-in account is a free invitation to play foul with any of the data in the system.

It is the same as never keeping yourself logged in onto mails in a new system. As irritating it might be to log in time and again, developing this practice would be beneficial for the interest of the company.


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  1.  Endpoint Security

Endpoint security agents work to provide data protection as well as malware protection. The endpoint communication needs to run smoothly without any hindrance and any third-party creeping in. For a remote worker to ensure endpoint security is a must.

  1.  Clear cache and temporary files

Delete cookies and data from the cache memory would boost up the speed otherwise which a VPN provides. In the SEO business, the faster the server works, the more data stored and more quality for better search engine rankings. The regular practice of clearing out these storage vessels would be good.

  1.  Have a private Wi-Fi network

Private wifi

This is the most crucial step. A public network is very vulnerable to hacking or a malware attack. Official data which is of a sensitive nature is a high risk to be transmitted through public networks.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi that you use at home is private and has encryption. Even if you work through a hotspot. Make sure that it is password protected and kept on only when it is required to be used.

These practices need to be imbibed among the workforce by large. It is the future and its glimpses are already seen. Remote working is going to be the new normal in the job front.

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The given pandemic has already pushed major and minor businesses to operate from homes using VPS servers which have an excellent cloud system. Working from the comforts of one’s home is no more a dream but a reality.

For now, even if it looks like a harsh outcome, for the economy and the business of SEO centric companies this is actually a blessing in disguise.

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