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5 Tools You should consider for Reseller Hosting

5 Tools You Should Consider For Reseller Hosting

Businesses around the world have seen drastic changes in recent years thanks to the internet. Ecommerce platforms have paved the way for new enterprises to have a better shot at gaining exposure, thus inviting more revenue for Reseller Hosting.

Similarly, website hosting offers a bundle of opportunities to scale online businesses and have better resources at hand to run them more efficiently. However, rookies often feel perplexed when they enter the big scene.

Can you relate? Well, you have surely heard about website hosting at some point, but might not know what it has to offer! This article brings a vivid comprehension of everything you need to know about reseller hosting and some amazing tools to jumpstart your business online!

Reseller Hosting: Here’s everything you need to know

Before we dive in any further, let’s familiarize ourselves with the jargon. Reseller hosting refers to a hosting model where web hosting providers allow customers or users to sell their web hosting service to other third parties.

The main purpose of such a model is to help businesses run web hosting services independently without building, operating, and managing a hosting infrastructure.

How does it work?

In simpler words, reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service where enterprises use the resources while selling them to other businesses or organizations.

Well, what does that mean? A business with a reseller hosting model technically sets up a hosting business.

As the owner, you hold the exclusive rights to use your bandwidth and disk space to host websites for other businesses. However, you can also choose to buy the entire hosting service from the provider, mainly wholesale, and further sell the services to other parties with a good amount of profit.

Who is reseller hosting for?

The answer is quite simple. For everyone with a knack for some extra income. However, this model is mainly famous among web designers, developers, etc. who set up their independent hosting services.

Besides, reseller hosting also allows you to build your brand name while selling hosting resources from other providers.

Does it sound too confusing? Well, it is quite easy. Reseller hosting has a friendly interface. Besides, when you decide to buy a reseller hosting plan, the package comes with resource tools like cPanel which makes the ordeal a lot easier.

A control panel tool brings all the services including your disk space, and bandwidth to a single location allowing you to keep track and carry out your hosting services without a hassle. It also helps reseller hosting providers create new accounts, email addresses, assign space, etc.

Five amazing tools for impeccable reseller hosting!

Reseller hosting has streamlined endless opportunities for various entrepreneurs to host their space for better revenue.

Do you know the best part? You don’t have to be a technical genius! Reseller hosting comes with a wide array of resources that helps resellers to run hosting service and build their brand without a hassle. Here are the five best tools for a seamless reseller hosting experience!


cPanel simply is the grail for web hosting services. It mainly helps in managing a Linux hosting infrastructure. Simply put, it is a multitasking resource tool that allows users to manage operations like building a website, resetting passwords, creating and managing emails, managing add-on domains, files, mail forwards, etc.

Besides, it offers a simple interface that is easy to install and comes with an efficient graphic interface that is highly responsive.

cPanel simplified the complex processes of a web hosting service making it easier to operate using a few basic commands.

Hence, reseller hosting survival providers often find it easy to maintain the infrastructure along with complex functions like evaluation of disk space, system maintenance, backups, etc.

Apart from that, cPanel is proven to be an excellent security precaution that offers features that can not only keep threats away but also warn about potential attacks.

Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager or WHM refers to a puissant program that acts as a strong accessory to Cpanel.

It offers administrative authority to the backend of cPanel accounts. WHM is a heavy-duty tool that lets you manage a lot of websites or resource-heavy websites.

Besides, it helps you to sell your hosting space to other enterprises and provides additional functions like managing, deleting, or suspending multiple cPanels. With WHM, you can easily track or change your domain DNS zones, permissions to check server status, etc.

Web Host Manager Complete Solution

Web Host Manager Complete Solution or WHMCS is an all-rounder when it comes to running a hosting business successfully. Why? Unlike other resource tools, it is a complete package of features that helps you to run a hosting service from the ground level.

It helps you with client management, billing and support functionality, etc. Through automated processes, you can also think about reaching more branches of web hosting services that can include web development, graphic design,etc.

5 Tools You should consider for Reseller Hosting 1


For budding hosting businesses, client support is crucial. This is why chatbots are your best bet. Why? Well, this cost-effective AI software allows a simulated conversation with the clients through websites, messaging apps, and mobile apps which offers mainly two services User request analysis and responding.


Softaculous mainly is a commercial script library and an installer. The main purpose of this tool is to provide automation during the installation of web applications while integrating with cPanel.

It provides access to almost 417 apps free/open-source applications. Besides, it also offers automated and swift updates while handling all the operations during the installation process including setting up databases, permissions, etc.


Powerful tools like the ones mentioned above can take your hosting business to new heights. Moreover, reseller hosting is not limited only to service providers.

Instead, with the help of powerful resources, entrepreneurs and business owners can also seize this opportunity to drive more income towards them.

You can find most of these resource tools for free while some are paid services that may come with the selected package.

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