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Choosing the correct dedicated game server for hosting purpose

Choosing the correct dedicated game server for hosting purpose 1

Choosing the correct dedicated game server hosting requires nearly the maximum amount ability as earning a name as a sweaty try-hard does! Read on the learn regarding selecting the correct hosting for your game server.


The popularity of large Multiplayer online (MMO) diversion has exploded with advances in broadband technology and also the games themselves. Several games place serious demands on the server, however, and a player remote-hosting the sport typically has lower latency disconcerting the competitive balance of the sport. Enjoying a hosted dedicated game server avoids these problems, and provides the foremost management over the diversion setting, giving 24/7/365 access, therefore players across time-zones will contend whenever they opt for.

The criteria to check once before selecting dedicated game server hosting is the same as the standards for hosting other forms of servers, however, there are many key capabilities to contemplate.



Speed and performance could also be the foremost vital factors in a game server and should be comfortable to avoid disrupting the sport with lag or latency. The server must be powered by high-quality hardware, together with SSDs, and it must be hosted on a network with strong infrastructure and Tier one network suppliers to confirm adequate bandwidth.

Note that CloudHostWorld recommends, and offers, SSD design and puts all plans on premium hardware and network property. Performance isn’t optional, it comes bundled with all plans.

Individual games can have totally different performance needs, therefore check out the documentation to make sure that you select a strong enough server. Gamepedia’s Minecraft Wiki, as an example, lists minimum amounts of RAM starting from 512 MB to 2GB counting on what quite a server is being used. The advice for UNIX system servers is 5GB of RAM for games with 3 to 5 players having a graphical user interface (GUI), and 3 GB for 5 to 8 players using a console. That memory is devoted to the game server solely, on prime of the RAM handled by the OS.

Smooth gameplay conjointly depends on adequate processor power, Therefore look for a server with at minimum Intel Core or equivalent computer hardware.



While considering cost as a key factor in selecting dedicated game server hosting, gamers ought to consider uptime, as a host with regular interruptions is going to be less fun and less value than one that keeps the game online. Uptime statistics are measure accessible there from websites like Hyperspin, and any host with under 99% uptime can be considered as unreliable.

At last check, CloudHostworld was continuously running at 99.99% uptime – simply the best uptime within the business.

Security is additionally a key element in dependability, significantly with game servers specifically attracting the eye of hackers. An honestly dedicated game server host provides hardened servers with a powerful firewall and DDoS protection.

Look for managed hosting plans that include:

1.Setup for firewalls

2.  DDoS protection

3.  System updates

4.  Optimizations

5.  Hardening

These are standards for two-tier suppliers, like CloudHostWorld.

Ease of Management and Automation

Because gamers would rather play than administer the server, a game server host ought to supply options like automatic updates, a selection of control panels for admin, software for 1-click installations, and KernelCare, that automates necessary updates to the operating system’s kernel while not rebooting the server, as is sometimes needed.

Rest make sure that your SSD Hosting is within the safe hands of CloudHostWorld.

As once considering dependability compared to cost, time spent on server setup and administration is time not spent gaming.


Leading hosting corporations create their services user-friendly with support from skilled workers. Gamers ought to hunt for a reputed provider which monitors its services and offers support 24*7, every week if games are aiming to run in the late night or on weekends.


To Conclude

CloudHostworld provides game server hosting, custom-made secured and optimized dedicated servers, for hosting games, designed on industry-quality hardware together with SSDs. Its network makes sure high bandwidth with suppliers together with SSD’s and Level 3, and CloudHostWorld customers will get industry-leading security, uptime, and support.


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