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Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Server Management

Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Server Management 1

Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Server Management

A Virtual Private Server commonly known as a VPS is the hosting platform used by most of the organizations in order to host their websites. But there exists one more hosting platform that is way better than a Virtual Private Server. It is the Managed Dedicated Server. In this article we are going to differentiate between these two hosting platforms with respect to the server management trends.


Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Server Management 2


Before moving on to the server management techniques followed by the Virtual Private Server and Managed Dedicated Server, let us first understand what they are.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) :

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual hosting machine that is sold as a service by an internet hosting organization. A VPS has its own operating system and customers are given its access in order to help them in installing any kind of software supported by that operating system. The operating system of a VPS is somewhat identical to that of a managed dedicated server.

A VPS of an organization can be configured very easily. They also cost low as compared to the physical servers available in the market.


Managed Dedicated Server :

A managed dedicated hosting server is an internet hosting service that provides a server to a client on lease which is not shared with anyone else. Hence the name ‘dedicated server’. A managed dedicated server is the most flexible than the other hosting services available in the market.

This hosting server is the most expensive one but offers best in the market hosting features.

Now that you have a basic idea of a Virtual Private Server and Managed Dedicated Server, let us understand the difference between the server management of these two services.


Server Management in Virtual Private Server (VPS) :

Server management in VPS basically depends on the type of plan chosen by the user. There exist two types of VPS; partially managed VPS and partially managed VPS. A partially managed VPS is managed partly by the hosting service provider and partly by the user.

On the contrary, a fully managed VPS will be totally managed by the hosting service provider.

If you as a client of VPS are not at all experienced regarding the servers, you should opt for a fully managed VPS. You are provided with a full root access in this type of VPS. A dedicated team of server management experts is present for you for an all time technical support.

A fully managed VPS also provides you with system administration. With this you can make changes in the server as per your needs and can also upgrade server and applications whenever available. For this you have a firm technical support of dedicated experts.


Server management in Managed Dedicated Server :

A managed dedicated hosting platform provides you access to every single thing you need and whenever you demand it. This is the best ever flexibility offered to a business module by this kind of hosting platform.
A regular hosting service provider may not provide you with this much flexibility since it has a poor server management skills. A business that has opted for a well-managed dedicated hosting platform hence will never experience break downs.

As aforementioned, a managed dedicated hosting server provides you with more flexibility as compared to the other hosting services present in the current market. If a business has planned to outsource its server management, managed dedicated hosting platform is the best since it also saves time with respect to server maintenance and management.

Your in-house staff can easily access the applications and servers of your business module. This hence lets you set up a new staff for handling the server and also to make prompt changes in the server.

Fluctuating server speeds, sudden server break downs, and more such issues commonly are seen taking place with the regular hosting service providers. Such issues when take place, the server takes time to come back to normal as it take much time to resolve the issues. This happens due to unskilled panel of server managers not being able to handle the issues efficiently.

If any organization is in need of a dedicated server, but does not have ample time to manage it by them, a managed dedicated server is way in which you can save your own time and money as well. Using a managed dedicated server you will be easily able to access the server resources.

Other key differentiators:

So, it can be seen that a Managed Dedicated Server is much feasible than a Virtual Private Server in terms of server management. Apart from the above mentioned differences there are many more things that make a managed dedicated server stand apart from a Virtual Private Server.


Key Differentiators of VPS and Dedicated Server Management 3



Below mentioned are the key differentiates :

  • A reliable access to everything you need
  • Maximum possible flexibility
  • All-time expert support
  • Best in the class performance
  • No need to pay extra overhead charges
  • A managed dedicated server is mainly used for higher bandwidth in order to load heavy websites and applications
  • Other websites do not affect the performance of your website
  • Dedicated hosting provides maximum performance, scalability, and stability


The final thoughts :

Even if VPS hosting platform is one of the cheapest ones in the market right now, there is no other hosting platform other than a managed dedicated server which will provide you with the aforementioned benefits all in a single package.

One must surely opt for a managed dedicated hosting platform only and only if your website requires multiple resources and has got a huge traffic on daily basis.

In a dedicated hosting service, the complete server is dedicated to you and your business. Due to this, you’ll be having all the resources for yourself. This type of server is best suitable for huge organizations and websites receiving loads of traffic all at the same time. Having opted for a managed dedicated server, you are able to have total control and access over the server, its operating system, hardware, and applications.


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