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6 Reasons to Choose Reseller Hosting This Christmas Season

6 Reasons to Choose Reseller Hosting This Christmas Season

Cost-effectiveness, convenience, and scalability make reseller web hosting a huge success among entrepreneurs.

For the inexperienced, Reseller hosting is a web hosting product within which the account owner will manage the bandwidth, cPanel, drive space, and other monitoring tools to host several websites on behalf of third parties.

This makes the web hosting reseller an agent who resells products and services to the hosting corporations.

 Is reseller hosting a decent business idea?

Today, reselling hosting is taken into account as a good business idea as it is logistically simple and involves the least investment. It’s maybe the best way to get into the hosting business. The price to set up a reseller hosting business is least, as compared to different businesses.


You furthermore get to line up your own ‘Web Host Company,’ and have the whole freedom to expand the hosting business under your brand. The main advantage of this business is that all the technical undertakings including server maintenance, hardware setup, software package up-gradation, etc, are taken care of by the upstream host. So, even if you’re not a hosting expert you’ll still opt to become a reseller.


Keeping these edges aside, reselling hosting may be a terribly competitive field of business.

Retentive customers during this domain will be quite difficult. As totally different shoppers have variable hosting wants, you would like to make sure that the upstream hosting supplier you have got traffic congestion with offers impeccable service.


Things to look for in Reseller Hosting

Here are 6 attributes you must search for once narrowing down on an upstream hosting provider:

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  • Smart Uptime Score:

    The first factor on your list ought to be the parent company’s uptime period score. As a reseller, it’s essential to go for a 24×7 operative web host that operates on powerful servers and stable network connections. The minimum uptime score ought to be above 99.5% percent. An uptime period score below this may negatively impact your customer’s business.

  • Customizable Packages:

    The need for each shopper or business is unique. So, as a reseller, you must be selling customized packages. Each plan should have assigned bandwidth, disk space, and emails together along with a number of domains to it. Before customizing the packages, you must forecast the growth of your patronage.

  • Also, you must keep the target group of your business in mind. These inputs will help you determine the bandwidth and space or storage space that your clients’ enterprise/website may eventually need.

To address the needs of your clients, check whether your parent firm offers customizable packages. This may facilitate in scaling the services as per the necessity of your client, also check if your web host partner offers up-gradation possibilities. Many of your shoppers may grow over a period of your time. In such a situation, you’ll be needed to upgrade their plans as well.

  • Sound Client Support:

    Every client expects to round the clock support and fast response in any business, which makes a sound grievance redressal and a strong client support system crucial facets of a reselling business. Keeping this aspect in mind the hosting should be able to offer sound client support to you and your shoppers.

  • After all, in the reseller hosting business, you’re the face of the parent web host. One-on-one contact and support ought to be offered to mend imperative problems instantly.

    How to Write anEffective Copy (5)
  • White Label Support:

Anyone can become a reseller, it is also a potential business catalyst for people who do not possess great technical skills in the world of hosting. Another important aspect of white-labeled support is the flexibility to brand another hosting provider’s business with your own branding in terms of the logo, marketing, etc.

With that said, your clients won’t know that you’re a reseller, and you’re actually reselling another company’s hosting products unless it is known through other sources. To summarize, it is the best business for new entrepreneurs to craft a lucrative business in 2019 and skyrocket their brand & revenue.

At Cloudhostworld, we provide premium reseller hosting packages with industry-based technology and features for both – Linux and Windows. We deem our services as being 100% private labeled or white-labeled support.


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  • Regular Maintenance:

    The parent web host should be ready to look after timely hardware setup, server maintenance, pushing software package updates and implementing security measures with efficiency, to make sure 24×7 operative servers, your upstream hosting supplier additionally has to guarantee DDOS mitigation services, custom Firewall configuration, and Hyper Availableness (H/A) with multiple redundancies.

  • Favorable Reviews:

Lastly, look for client reviews and try to find out what others clients have to say regarding the hosting company that you’re getting ready to choose. Opt for an upstream host that has favorable reviews. Dig deeper into the number of years of expertise and feedback related to customer satisfaction. If the host has been infamous for network problems, security issues, and unplanned downtimes it’s best to look for other providers in the market.

Reseller hosting is a quick and reliable way to set up a web hosting business. This idea significantly suits IT, service providers, as they need the technical expertise, infrastructure, and resources to add extra service to their brand.

However, before you are taking the plunge, conduct thorough marketing research and look for an upstream host who is providing excellent service and competitive pricing. These are essential conditions for establishing your name as a hosting provider within the market.


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