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Best {Shared Hosting Providers} For Small Business In 2021

shared hosting for small business

Why Shared Hosting is the Best for Small Businesses –

Shared hosting is usually when a number of websites share at the same server. This type of hosting is most suitable for new businesses that are just starting to grow.

These websites that choose  ” Best {Shared Hosting Providers} For Small Business In 2021” are allocated a particular amount of space on the server.

If you think your business is doing well and is getting quite a large amount of traffic, you can easily upgrade from shared hosting. The benefits of this shared hosting are many. If you’re a small business or just starting out, read on to know why shared hosting is the best for you.


Every business needs a website nowadays. But if your business is small, it’s hard to spend a lot of money on hosting. Plus, as you’re just beginning to grow, the basic features and space from shared hosting would suffice.

Shared hosting plans are usually lower in cost than the other hosting types. This is mostly because the price of hosting on a server is shared by all the websites that run on it, making it considerably cheaper.

Just because they’re budget-friendly doesn’t mean they’re not good. There will be a smaller number of features when compared with other plans but the features that come in this budget will be more than enough for a website that’s just begun running.

Finding hosting that as flexible, accessible, and affordable as shared hosting is the best thing that can happen to your business. Not only do they cut down costs of hosting, they also provide every feature your site ever needs to get started as a new company.


Websites that run on shared hosting usually are very customizable with user-friendly and easily understandable and maintainable interfaces. This is very helpful for a company because, the more you have control over the website, the better you can make your website. You will also be offered pre-installed apps in making your website customization easier.

You might also be provided a control panel with which you can install CMSs with just the click of a button. You can even change e-commerce features and add payment methods with this control panel. This is how customization would be an easy task.



Websites on shared hosting run fast depending on the space and bandwidth allocated. Since the company is new, there would be considerably less amount of traffic so these websites running on shared hosting are able to handle the incoming traffic effectively and efficiently.

Higher bandwidth means your website can handle many users in a particular amount of time. Some shared hosting providers also offer unlimited bandwidth, but what’s the use of bandwidth if the traffic speed is limited? It’s important to choose the amount of disk space, bandwidth, and traffic limit you would need according to your business.



Entry-level websites running on shared hosting won’t be aware of the various attacks and malware that can bring down your website. This is why the best security is provided with all the websites running on shared hosting.

With security for your website under a budget, you can rest assured that your data and files are safe on the web. The websites running on shared hosting also get features like security scans and antivirus along with anti-spam.

The security scans and antivirus keep your files and websites safe from any malware and the anti-spam directs all the spam emails directly to the spam folder to avoid clutter in your email account.

Get to know whether your shared hosting offers an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and protection for DDoS attacks. This is very important as you want to keep your site protected from the hands of data thieves.


With full-fledged support offered by shared hosting providers, your website will be online almost all of the time. Because you’re a new business, even one customer lost is a huge loss for your company.

The up-time for websites running on shared hosting is almost 99.99%.

This up-time percentage may vary depending on the speed of all the websites running on the shared hosting as well as how good your technical support is, in responding immediately to any failures or during your website’s downtime.

Technical support plays a major role in keeping your website up and running. They are essential for helping you out in setting up and doing whatever you need to do to maintain a good up-time of your website.


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Shared Hosting Technical Support

Shared hosting providers already assume that companies opting for shared hosting are beginners in hosting a website which is why they provide top-notch technical support.

It can be confusing to set up your website if you’re new, so you will be offered full support in addition to the easy setup of your website on shared hosting.

Some shared hosting providers also take the time out to make tutorials and guidebooks to help businesses set up their first website on shared hosting.

24/7 technical support is also another attractive feature offered by a lot of shared hosting provides to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Unlimited Email Accounts

unlimited email


With this feature, you can create an unlimited number of emails with your domain name. This is really useful as you can give almost every employee of your company their own email id.

The employees can have their mails directly come into their email account rather than coming in the main business email. This is also useful while you’re recruiting for your company and all the applicants can directly mail a separate email with their CVs rather than spamming your company’s main email account.

However, these email accounts are usually limited in space such as 1GB. Another feature of email that is limited is the number of outgoing emails that can be sent.

However, there are good features too like the spam filter, antivirus that protects your site from any virus that is carried in the email, a permanent mail ID that people can recognize as your company’s, and a calendar in which you can schedule all the emails that you want to send in the future. What more can one expect from free unlimited email accounts?


Backup and Updates

With backups almost everyday and updates to keep your website safe from bugs, these are important features that some shared hosting providers offer. As a lot of sites will run on the same server, whenever a website receives a heavy amount of traffic, there is a chance that the other websites might go down.

This is where backups come to use. You can backup all the data with just a click of a button and be assured that your data is safe from any technical issues or whenever the server is down. Updates on the other hand are recommended because all the bugs will be patched and your websites will run smoother and faster than ever. Even these updates can be done with just a click of a button. If any data loss occurs, most shared hosting providers try to recover it free of cost.

This will not only help you keep your data but it also helps them retain their customers. A good shared hosting provider informs you to keep a backup copy of your data while they update features of your site.

Shared hosting providers want to attract customers as much as possible and this is quite beneficial. Some of them offer pre-installed apps, free security certificate, and even a free domain.

Usually, the free domain offered will only be valid for a particular amount of time after which you will be charged. It’s important to read all the terms and conditions or get to know about any such renewal fee for the bonuses offered.

If you like a particular hosting and they offer bonuses like these, make the most of them. Also, don’t get carried away by all the bonuses that are offered. Remember, your essential features are more important than the bonuses.

A lot of people don’t bother reading the terms and conditions before accepting them and end up paying a large amount of money after the validity of those bonuses is over.




Shared hosting will continue to win the hearts of all small businesses due to its affordability and the features offered with it.      ” Best {Shared Hosting Providers} For Small Business In 2021 ” helps your company to gain recognition and make a name for itself with just a small price invested in shared hosting.

Once your website and company are well established, switching from a shared hosting to a dedicated server hosting would be as swift as a breeze.

Once your site gains enough traffic, you can even upgrade the disk space. This is why shared hosting is very scalable as it can be tailored according to your needs.

Finding a good shared hosting plan is a bit tough as there are hundreds of them to choose from. Review all the features and choose a shared hosting plan that works best for you and meets all your company goals.


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