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Significant Features of an Authentic Domain Name Registration Service Provider

Significant Features of an Authentic Domain Name Registration Service Provider 1

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is nothing but the IP address that we need to type into a browser in order to access that said website. For example, the Domain Name for Google is

Domain Name Registration Service Provider



Significant Features of an Authentic Domain Name Registration Service Provider 2


A Domain Name is necessary, in order to set up a webpage of any kind, be it an online personal blog or a business webpage. These can be acquired from a Domain Name Registration Service Provider or Domain Name Registrar. A Domain Name registrar is an organizations that oversees and manages to reserve internet Domain Names. These registrars must be approved, by TLD or top-level domain registries; either generic or country-code registries, and has to function according to the guidelines of these registries. Simply put, it is the process of reserving a name on the internet, for a period of time. It must be kept in mind that domain names cannot be reserved forever. After a stipulated time, if the user wishes to keep the domain, then they will have to renew their license from the registrar they are registered with. It is important for any kind of a web service (be it a website or email, etc). Then again, it is not such that they need to buy a new domain every time. Most of the registrars (or companies) provide a sub-domain under their own domain name.

However, before buying a domain name from a registrar the user must take into account the authenticity of the said registrar; whether or not the provider is legitimate in accordance to the TLD registries, as well as the features offered by that registrar. A market survey (or study) shows there are four main features to take into account before jumping into purchasing a domain from a registrar.


Features of a Domain Name Registrar


Significant Features of an Authentic Domain Name Registration Service Provider 3



As I said above, recent market studies show four main features of a Domain Name registrar to keep in mind. I have discussed these features below as best I can:


  1. SecurityDomain theft is a rampant threat these days. A domain thief hacks into your registrar account (your account with the service provider) to steal your email address and password, wherefrom they hijack the domain name and transfer it to another registrar. By the time you realize this, it is too late for you to get it back. Sometimes, it may lead to expensive lawsuits and these hackers just walk away with your domain name and you are left-out looking like a fool. Thus, any and every time you deal with a registrar, security of your domain name should be your first priority. Thus, it is the feature to look for in that service provider. A key feature, in this regard, provided by the registrar is a Two Factor authentication service. Here, an extra layer of security is added to your account by requiring access to your phone number. Hence, an email ID, password and a phone number are necessary to access your registrar account. This way, even if a hacker knows your password or email, or both, they cannot hack your account because they are not in possession of your number.


  1. Price even if security is our first priority, sometimes, what we ask ourselves first is “how much will a domain name cost me”? Yes, pricing (or cost) for registering and renewing domain names is a very important consideration, especially if you have more than one domain.



Significant Features of an Authentic Domain Name Registration Service Provider 4

However, prices are usually easier to compare between registrars, then again, while buying domain names for your country you have to spend some extra bucks here and there. Registrar charges for add-on features (I will be discussing some) are also to be accounted for. Thus, another important feature is the low cost of purchasing and/or renewing a domain name.


  1. Customer Support This is one of the add-on features I was talking about earlier. Another is Account Management, which I will discuss next. Now, you would not think it to be so important but wait till you are really in need of it (I am talking about Customer Support here). Support is undoubtedly very critical.

It isn’t easy to figure out how good the support is until you buy a domain. One way of understanding that pre-purchasing may be to check the response time. Ask a random question related to the service you are about to purchase and see how quickly they respond to it. A good customer support is always a plus point and one feature to look for.


  1. Account Management Many times, you may have found yourself to be baffled at how to use a service you have so eagerly bought. It is the time when you need that support I was talking about just now. But, what if the service (or interface) is designed in such a way that, you would not need an extra help, but rather you have access to some kind of tools that help you as you go along? Wouldn’t that be great? Some companies do give quite a bit of time and dedication into this; the Account Management that is. Designing a centralized dashboard for managing your domains, hosting proposes, and other managerial activities make it much easier for a customer. Also keeping track of renewal dates are added into the interface by some providers.




Domain name is the very first thing that people see when they visit your website. So you have to make your first impression absolutely perfect. Choosing an eye catchy, easily memorable or relevant domain name is all you need which will help you to enhance your business. So make yours a unique one and get started!


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