How to make high profit with Affiliate Marketing with zero investment?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment in 2020

The social world has tremendously affected every person’s day-to-day life. It seems quite even seem impossible to imagine to be living without technology and social communication. This trend has naturally been transferred to the business world, where the new technologies have opened up so many exciting opportunities. The businesses out there are no longer confined by location or restricted by infrastructure. They always wanted to know ” How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment ? ”


There was a time when businesses needed extraordinarily qualified employees. They wished to have exposure to more amount of customers and opportunities to connect and create effective partnerships. In order to accomplish this, having headquarters in a big city was quite essential; but this is no longer needed now. In order to get into affiliate marketing business  you just need a computer and an internet connection, and you can take your business anywhere you wish to take it.


The origin and development of affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is focused on sharing the revenue by partnering up with multiple businesses present in the market. This concept was introduced just before the World Wide Web (www) was initiated. Affiliate marketing is, in fact, an online business model, and it was initiated in 1994 when the PC Flowers & Gifts had first launched their affiliate marketing program. After they had started with affiliate marketing, the organization had over 2000 partners in their affiliate marketing program.

PC Flowers & Gifts is very well known for their best affiliate program till date. Later on, in 1996, Amazon came up with their own affiliate marketing program. As of PC Flowers & Gifts, Amazon is now known as the best affiliate marketing platform amongst all the e-commerce portals that exist currently in the market.


Affiliates and Merchants in an Affiliate Marketing Program



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In affiliate marketing business , a person can play two roles; as an affiliate or as a merchant. An affiliate is a participant of an affiliate marketing program who is also known as a publisher. An affiliate can be a blogger, content creator, or an influencer who creates an online content in order to use it to feature affiliate web links.


A merchant in affiliate marketing is the one who creates an affiliate program. They are the advertisers, creators, sellers, and vendors. Any person having a product can become a merchant just by creating an affiliate program.


How to earn in Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing needs very little or even no investments to be done. An affiliate or a merchant in affiliate marketing can earn a lot here. Let’s see how a person can earn in affiliate marketing buisness  in 2020 with the following affiliate marketing models.



  • Pay Per Sale (PPS)

An affiliate program that uses payment model focuses on increasing the sales through affiliate web links. An affiliate shares an affiliate weblink that features a product or a service to be sold. The affiliate links are connected directly to the product or service page on the merchant’s website. This is the page from which the product or service can be purchased.

The number of clicks on the buy button and the actual sale generated is recorded with the help of cookies days after the original click on the link take place. Once the sale is complete, the affiliate receives the payment, in the form of a percentage of the sale generated.


  • Pay Per Action (PPA)

This method is less popular than PPS. But the fact is it still is ahead of all other affiliate marketing models. With the PPA method, the merchants pay the affiliates for every visitor who completes the required action. This action may comprise of creating an account, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an e-book, filling out a form, etc.


  • Pay per call

Just like clicks are tracked on a real-time basis, calls are also traceable. Some merchants in affiliate marketing provide with a click-to-call service. This allows the users to quickly get in touch with the merchant when they click the button, regardless of a representative, customer service, etc. This feature is best suited for mobile users, and there exist a huge number of smartphone users over the globe.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment?


  • Pay per install

By encouraging their app installs, merchants can promote their business, hence increasing exposure. Here an affiliate recommends the online users to install the app. The affiliate here makes use of the affiliate web link to perform this task. The affiliate is then paid as per the number of installations taking place.


  • Pay per click (PPC)

This type of affiliate marketing payment module is usually seen in search engine marketing (SEM). Affiliate marketing makes use of the same platform. A click needs to be marked on the affiliate web link. Every time a user clicks on that link, the task given to the affiliate is completed and hence gets the payment for every single click.


  • Pay per mile (PPM)

This payment module is not much popular in affiliate marketing as of the others. Some affiliate marketing merchants do offer pay per mile or pay per thousand impressions. This option is offered through affiliate networks. An affiliate gets the payment for every thousand views of the web page associated with the affiliate web link. As of pay per click (PPC), even pay per mile (PPM) is mostly found to be used in search engine marketing (SEM).



Final Words


Payments and the corresponding transactions are the most vital stages of an affiliate marketing program. Merchants are hence advised to create the respective terms of service to regulate all of the circumstances that can occur when the transaction is carried out. This not only gives credibility to the affiliate marketing program, but it also makes program management and monitoring way much easier.


Thus by managing affiliate tasks in a streamlined way, an affiliate and a merchant can keep on growing financially as they increase the chain of affiliates and merchants, hence resulting in carrying out an effective sales engagement by building up a strong and a huge sales network, to know ” How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment ?” is explained all above.



How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment In 2020
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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment In 2020
How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment In 2020
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