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Top 10 Features of {Dedicated Server Hosting} in 2022 | CloudHostWorld

cheap dedicated server

I hope you have make your own website.  Now all you need is a reliable Dedicated Server Hosting Packages  in order to get the website rank easily. If you’re a novice and don’t really understand what features your Dedicated Server Hosting needs to have, then keep reading. Below, we’ve listed the Top 10 Features of Dedicated Server Hosting in 2022 needs to have:

Technical support : 

The technical support team is the first one to contact when your hosting server is down or if it’s facing any technical issues. This technical support must be available 24/7 and must be accessible easily by mail or by a call. Also, get to know if the hosting you’ve chosen has any guidebooks and tutorials on how to solve minor issues and help in setting up your website.
This will save your time from being wasted on calling up the technical support team for every minor issue. It’s vital to choose a hosting that provides great support.

This helps in retaining new customers as well as keeping the old ones. Technical support also helps guide you in setting up your website’s email and cPanel. You can tell if it’s a good support team if they call you to make sure your website is doing okay even before you contact them for any help. It’s not easy finding dedicated server hosting with excellent technical support which is where reviews come to help. You can find information on reviews too below.

Backups and restoration

Everything that’s on your website should be backed up securely on a server that’s other than the main server. Some hosting services also allow scheduled off-site backups so you can stop worrying about manually backing up your website’s data.

Whenever your website is down or has been attacked by viruses, your copy of data would be stored securely in a remote location which is unaffected from the virus attacks.

This backup also needs to happen without a person constantly having to press the backup button. It should be automatic for every new content that is updated on the website. If at all your website is down for some reason, then all the backed-up data should be easily restorable onto the website and this should be done securely taking care not to put anyone’s personal details at risk.

 Protection from DDOS attacks

DDOS attacks happen frequently on the internet. These attacks steal sensitive information like personal details and passwords. DDOS attacks could cost you your reputation, your website, and even your whole business.

You might not know about the DDOS attacks or you might hesitate to buy hosting with DDOS protection thinking it’s a bit costlier than the one without it. Even if the hosting providers charge extra money for security from DDOS attacks, it’s best to go ahead and buy it than to put your business at risk.


Your website may contain malware which has been carried by files that you upload on your website. Hosting usually comes with a security scanner that will be able to scans all the files that you upload as well as help you in identifying and removing pre-existing virus or malware.

It’s best to ensure that your hosting provides the best security that there is, to ensure protection for your website and all the files and data that are on it. If you’re getting better security at a higher price, don’t even hesitate, because it’s better not to risk losing your data. Most hosting providers also offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

This certificate is mainly needed for encryption of the data that’s on your site. It can be yours or even your customer’s data. It’s always better to go for hosting that offers an SSL certificate rather than risking your data.


With a dedicated server hosting, you can choose the amount of disk space, storage, and the RAM you need for your website. You can also choose hosting for different platforms like Windows and Linux. Customization is an important thing to keep in mind as it leads to flexibility in choosing and maintaining your website according to your needs.

You can also choose the number of emails accounts you would require. These email accounts will be provided by the hosting itself. You can also choose from different hosting providers that offer various services which can be tailored according to your requirements.

It’s best to buy a hosting packing with everything included rather than spending money on every single add-on after your purchase.Uptil now you have read, Top Features of {Dedicated Server Hosting} in 2022 | CloudHostWorld
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Easy installation

With almost everyone preferring CMSs now, it’s preferable to choose a hosting that offers easy installation of a CMS. There wouldn’t be much effort required in setting it up. All it takes is a click of a button to get it up and running. WordPress is still the most preferred and CMS and most hosting services offer an easy installation.

You will also be provided a control panel for which you most probably need to pay (you’re lucky if you don’t). This control panel can be used to set up and manage the website easily.

Domains and sub-domains

Domain and Sub Domain

After you’ve set up your website, it won’t be long until you want to start another site. Get to know how many domains and sub-domains your hosting will support. This will save your time from setting up different hosting for every domain you set up. Some hosting services also offer a free domain for a particular time period.

This means you could save money on the domain registration for quite a long time. Some hosting providers also give static IP addresses for each dedicated server. A limited amount of IP addresses would be free and any additional ones required need to be purchased.


The hosting providers may mention a big list of features, but how accurate and well-functioning are they really? This is where reviews come to good use. Reviews give you a better understanding of all the features and tell you how well the hosting provider is functioning.Since these reviews will be given by people who have already bought and tried out the hosting, you’ll be sure to know which hosting you’ll trust and spend your money on.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of your choice of hosting, go through the reviews for each of them and then decide on one at the end. If you’re satisfied with the hosting that you’ve chosen, you can write a review too to help out businesses that are just starting out like yours.


A good server hosting has to have a good base on which it can be built. This means the hardware should be reliable and free from any security issues as well as connectivity problems. If the hardware is of quality, then there wouldn’t arise a single problem in the hosting services which leads to a well-functioning website. It’s better to get to know if your hosting provider offers hardware replacement or not in case of any failure.

As yours is a dedicated server web hosting, a bad hardware could put your site and this will affect your business as well as customers. Imagine, you’re on a website and it suddenly crashes. Would you open it again? Most probably not. This is where good hardware is necessary so that the uptime of your website is more.

Hosting speed

Hosting Speed

As we’re always running behind time, speed is something that is necessary now. The faster the page loads, the happier your customers are because of all the saved time. Having a good hosting speed means your page can handle high incoming traffic and can meet everyone’s needs. People don’t usually tend to wait. Remember, it only takes one click of a button to go back and open another page.

So, make sure your hosting speed is high so that you can retain your customers. Hosting speed is also related to how the website performs when many users interact with it at the same time some way or the other. It shouldn’t lag no matter the number of people that use the website at a particular time.

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Conclusion :
To conclude, Top 10 Features of {Dedicated Server Hosting} in 2022 | CloudHostWorld  you most probably set-up a website once in your life at the peak of your interest and capabilities. It’s better to invest your money for only the features you need to ensure you get the most out of your money.

When you choose a bad web hosting, it can affect your business adversely. This will also lead to bad ranking of your website on Google and no one wants that.

Don’t go for hosting just because it’s cheap. It might seem like nothing is wrong at the beginning but later on, you’ll realize all the things that weren’t provided with your dedicated web server hosting services such as security, bandwidth, and many more.

Dedicated server hosting is known for its high capability and functionality. These dedicated server web hosting solutions are very customizable so be sure to consider all your requirements before choosing one.  These are all the top 10 Features of {Dedicated Server Hosting} in 2022 

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