Installing an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt is already fast, but if you own a hosting business, you’re a developer who manages clients’ sites, or you want an even faster solution, then there are three Let’s Encrypt plugins you can integrate into cPanel, including an official plugin by cPanel.

In this post, I’ll cover how to install each of the three Let’s Encrypt plugins for cPanel and how you can use them to install and renew free certificates in a few seconds.

Login to server via SSH
Run the following command

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ && wget
yum -y install letsencrypt-cpanel

The trial version key will auto add under /etc/letsencrypt-cpanel.licence

The Plugin will install at the server end also will add under cPanel also

Now how to install SSL on the domain from cPanel.
Please make sure the domain is pointing to server IP.
You should go to your website cPanel, you can reach it by going to
now you should locate Security section and click on Let’s Encrypt SSL icon.
Once you have entered Let’s Encrypt SSL you should check the section Issue a new certificate and tick the boxes near your domain name.
please click on “Issue”
You will get the message as SSL has been installed.