You can operate your cPanel username and password to access all folders and files via FTP. However, if you want to create an FTP user account for a specific folder or if you do not want to allow access to your root files then you need to create a separate FTP Account.

1. Log into your cPanel account.

2. in the “Files” section, click on “FTP Accounts” Icon.
3. below “Add FTP Account” text, fill in the following details:”

Log in: FTP Username like “newuser” (without the quotes and spaces)
Password: (Enter new FTP Password or generate a new password by clicking on the “Password Generator” button)
Directory: If you would like to allow access to the entire /public_html folder, enter “public_html” or modify folder path to a unique path like “public_html/newuser” and your FTP user will be”

4. Click on the “Create FTP Account” button. currently you’ll be able to access your FTP Account by using your newly-created FTP account like:”

Now you can easily access your FTP Account by using your new-created FTP account like:

Host: Your website ip or insert your website name alike (replace along with your website address).
Username: [email protected]
FTP Port: 21 (Default port is 21)
FTP Password: Your FTP Password