You can change the video card type to VGA, Cirrus, etc or you can Enable or Disable 2D/3D Acceleration in SolusVM.

1. Firstly login to your SolusVM Control Panel.

2. If you have multiple VPS, select the appropriate one.


How to Change the Video Type?
1. Scroll down, and beneath the”Video” tab, change the type from the drop-down menu to the proper video type and then reboot your VPS.


How to Enable the 2D/3D Acceleration?
1. Scroll down beneath the “Video” tab, and choose the option “Off” from the drop-down menu, if you want to Disable the 3D Acceleration. From the drop-down menu select the “Off” option. If you want to enable it, choose the “On” option from the 2D/3D Acceleration.


2. Reboot your VPS.

Note: Virtualization like KVM does not support 2D/3D Acceleration on some operating systems.