The SolusVM is an also known as VPS hosting Cpanel and for generating VPSs on this server, the SolusVM Slave is installed on a dedicated server.

What are the requirements?
– Fresh CentOS 7, installed on your VPS/Server.

How to install SolusVM Master?

Step 1: Login to SSH as a root account and run these 2 commands:

2. Then it will show you an option to choose virtualization. Most people prefer KVM and others Xen. Select your preferred virtualization by typing 1 or 2 and then press Enter. For KVM, we enter 2 and then hit Enter.


Installation can take from 15 to 20 minutes.

Once it completes, it will show you the Slave keys and further instructions for your virtualization type. Now you can use these keys to add a node to your SolusVM Master panel. You will need a SolusVM Slave license for each node.