By applying the cPanel you can secure a directory with a “Password Protected Directories” section.

1. Log into your cPanel account.
2. In the “Files” area, press on “Directory Privacy” Icon.


3. press the icon to open a folder.

4. press on the name of the directory you wish to protect by password.


5. In “Security Settings”, check the box next to “Password protect this directory” and fill up details for the protected directory “Password Protected Area”. And click the “Save” button.


6. Now press on the “Go back” button.


7. Scroll down the page and in that “Create User” fill up your username and password or select the Password Generator option to create a new password and password is not down to a notepad. This is helpful when you wish to open your password-protected directory and press on the “Save” button.







Now,  you try to open your password protected directory in your browser through the Link which is already password protected, your browser will guide you to fill up username and password.