Restart your VPS, you can do it through the Command line or SolusVM.

How to reboot/restart your VPS via SolusVM?

1. Login to your SolusVM Control Panel.

2. If you have various VPS, select the proper one.


3. Simply Scroll down and you can see a “Reboot” section. Just click on it!


4. It will display a confirmation window. Just click on “Yes”.


5. It can take some seconds or minutes and when your VPS reboots, it will show a message, notifying you.

6. How to reboot/restart your VPS through Command Line?

Reboot your VPS through command line its best method of rebooting because it will first stop all processes and then initiate the reboot.

1. Login to your SSH Client.
2. Enter the command “shutdown -r now” (without the quotes)

once you done with the command, it can take some time and then your VPS will reboot.If still your VPS does not display online after 5 to 10 minutes, we suggest you to reboot your VPS from the SolusVM (the so-called force reboot).