7 Productive Technologies Of Digital Marketing In 2020

We will talk about the very best of all in the present era marketing medium that is digital marketing in this blog.


Digital marketing is the most successful word or phrase in the marketer’s mouth, these days. Likewise in offline marketing, we try all kinds of promotional, branding, advertising, campaigning and also media marketing. In digital marketing also we have tried various new technological methods before such as; email marketing, social media promotions, digital and poll campaigning, video stimulation, content marketing, viral campaigning as well as online product campaigning. But, to keep in pace with the growth of the market and digital marketing, we have been showered with various more of new technologies that are backing up the digital marketing industry in 2020.


As mentioned above we will learn about some already released methods that have been launched to support the digital marketing events. Also, those new techniques that have been predicted according to the back-end processing of the below-mentioned techniques.

This should bring a lot of difference in the upcoming advancement of the digital that is online marketing output.

Let us learn about them!


  1. Social Media Advertising keeping Transparency

7 Productive Technologies Of Digital Marketing In 2020 1


These days, as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even StumbleUpon is very common among all categories of users. And this has eventually brought political figures, celebrities and other eminent identities close with common people.

Knowing this, political parties are targeting these platforms to influence their electoral statistics. In this process, most of the social media platforms have delivered higher preferences to keep the transparency in who is allocating how many funds in their marketing through these social media platforms and which group or demography they are intending to target.

Users who are also not a part of the targeted group will be able to watch those paid advertisements.

Twitter especially, has added a new method named Ad Transparency Center which forecasts all details about the running ads.

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  1. Goodbye to Typing – Voice Search

7 Productive Technologies Of Digital Marketing In 2020 2


With the height of technology, just like natural language processing – machines have started to understand most or all of your voice commands, which leaves you relaxed from typing for a search or any typing activity in your device and you can simply call out your necessary words, or sentences or even paragraphs to be written. It is not very new for us, as we have already experienced the same with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home which is of high popularity across the globe. Now we will get this on most of the sites and apps and software.

This will drastically speed up the social media development and result in a good digital marketing strategy for easy access.


  1. Augmented Reality

In entertainment zones, we have seen and experienced augmented reality booths. Augmented Reality can be experienced right on your mobile devices or with one simple headset. This trend in the innovation of AR in mobile devices has brought the advertising world for the Digital Marketing firms to the highest level of availability.



  1. Block-chain Technology providing an advantage to Advertisers

Companies are supported by Block-chain Technology which helps companies to confirm where they are spending their money and for what purpose they are paying. This technology will allow them to fight fraud and make the process of digital supply chain more prominent and useful. Not only that it will prevent companies from fraud but it will also catch and find where this fraud is happening and it will allow them to eliminate it. This technology is playing an important role in the present digital marketing processes and bringing the companies the necessary safeguard.


  1. Digital Video Integration

Predictions have aligned about what we see nowadays in the adults, and even young folks the trend of watching digital videos will grow even more. And this growth is not to be stopped rather will race its speed of following the trend. This will open advertisers to use this platform as a source of marketing products and services and in the various innovative way.


  1. Data Mining

With innovative technologies like big data, artificial intelligence is booming and machine learning; we would be easily driving better speculation from our data that is gathered from the online searchers and navigators. This method will help social media marketers to formulate their digital marketing strategies in a polished way.



  1. Privacy Landscape

With all the good sides of the internet world and online media, identity theft and web-based crimes have increased too. To prevent these hazards, security measure will see advancement for social media in the year 2020. Europe has already embraced the method and applied as EU-GDPR have made it mandatory for companies who are doing online business with European citizens to strictly follow the data protection requirements.

The trends are very easy to attend and ignore soon. But the best resulting method should be taken to a higher level for digital marketing by the users and marketers.

Online Marketing - Digital Marketing
Online Marketing – Digital Marketing



These latest technologies in 2020 will surely simplify the online marketing folio and bring the result for the companies and firms for striking a long-term establishment.