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7 Reasons Why VPS is Right for your Business…!!!

7 Reasons Why VPS is Right for your Business...!!! 1


How VPS (Virtual Private Server) can benefit Your Business

VPS has genuinely become a desirable hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses in the present scenario. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. It is the most preferred solution that effectively bridges the gap between the constraints of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting.

VPS is a virtualized server which partitions a single physical server and creates multiple servers within it.  Each virtual server is independent of its neighbor and function like a network server separately. A VPS hosting replicates a dedicated server inside a shared hosting environment. VPS hosting is famous and endorsed by the online world as it provides a similar level of hosting as that of a dedicated server at an affordable price as compare to shared hosting.


What Is VPS Hosting?

A VPS is an unintegrated machine on a physical server. It is sold as an affordable service by an Internet hosting provider. There can be many VPS created on a single physical server depending on the various specifications of the physical server. The virtual private server has its IP address and runs on its Operating System. The customers directly have the root access to that virtual machine thus; they can install any software compatible to that Operating system. VPS hosting is a powerful way to build a website on a server with more security, power as well as stability. Falling in between the traditional shared hosting and comparatively expensive dedicated server, VPS offers the best in affordable as well as in an economical way.

Why is VPS different than Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

While using a dedicated server hosting, you rent a whole server. The dedicated servers are in need of people having high traffic websites, applications, gaming business as well as for eCommerce sites. Well, for startups and small businesses, a small part of the server can be a minimal need.

On the other hand, Shared Hosting means sharing a part of the server along with the other users rather than merely renting a whole server.

Virtual private server, as the name implies, you have your space on a physical server which is being partitioned into multiple private environments. The technical word for this is “Virtualization.” In VPS your space is ultimately yours, and you don’t have to share resources as well as bandwidth like you do in Shared hosting. Unlike dedicated hosting, VPS hosting also allows a high rate of control and customization like you can change server settings, install software, add users, and even turn the server on and off as and whenever required.


Who uses VPS Hosting?

Mostly small and medium businesses that are planning for high-volume traffic or heavy-data websites use VPS hosting. VPS enables faster load time and nearly 100% website uptime.

VPS hosting is an excellent option for young startups as the service also provides the benefits of a dedicated server more cheaply comparatively.

Benefits of VPS hosting :

VPS hosting provides you the affordability of shared hosting at the same time enables more power and control like dedicated hosting.

Let’s go through 7 benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Personal Privacy :

While you will not share your operating system with anyone, no other websites on the server can access your files or any data thus, maintaining privacy at its best.

  • Performance :

Your allotment of resources enables you and your website visitors to enjoy faster loading time giving a quality-performance every time.

  • Customization :

Working in the VPS server, you will have your own Operating System. Thus, you will have your own server applications for use like PHP and MySQL. If you want to change any service you can do that suits your needs.

  • Flexibility :

You can select any operating system you desire and different software’s you want to install on the server.

  • Dedicated Resources :

VPS hosting provides more disk space, CPU, and RAM extending your hosting resources without any downtime or any technical issues.

  • Dynamically scale IT with business :
    Many Businesses are cyclical in nature. Owing your own server means that you have to provide growth even before the server is shipped to you. Whereas with a VPS Service, you can start as small as the Business that can afford by you and grow as your Business Expands. An Additional Benefit of this elasticity is the ability to Narrow your VPS Plan in the event that your Business experiences a downturn.
  • Add new servers on demand :

As small businesses discover the benefits of online commerce, they face the prospect of uncertainty and volatility. Growth spurts are common occurrences online as well as offline. What online offers is the ability to enter into a new business opportunity very quickly. VPS is designed for this environment.

To Conclude:

VPS hosting has a lot of prospects for the future because of its improved benefits. It is also an affordable hosting service as compared to shared hosting. Also, most of the websites that use dedicated server are not in need of the space offered. Thus, VPS hosting will grow immensely as an excellent solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

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