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Why You Need SSL And HTTPS For Your Blogs in 2020…!!!!

Why You Need SSL And HTTPS For Your Blogs in 2020...!!!! 1

If you want a proper and reliable service provider, you can rely on us completely.

If you wish to have an extraordinary support with high-end SSL certificates, then we are the best choice for you. We love to secure your websites and don’t just do it because of the job part. You will get all the support you need from our SSL experts. Our motto is to make the internet a very secure place and so we strive for it continuously. Please have a look at the below reasons to know why we are a right choice for you all.



Secure https

Table of Contents


Free SSL and Best Pricing

Self-boasting is not a good habit, but honesty is and therefore, we say no one offers such benefits as we do. You won’t come to the point to put a complaint about the pricing. We offer conversion of all your HTTP links to HTTPS, absolutely free when you are hosted on our servers. You will receive a free SSL certificate and a service which no one offers. No one converts all the HTTP links to HTTPS even though they offer Free SSL certificate.

Cloud Host World provides multiple IPs on the cheapest rates for Digital Marketing companies, SEO hosting companies and many more. You can pay the IP rentals on the monthly basis from all over the world.

We also provide all types of site migrations, and that too totally free!


Top-Class World-class Support

There is honestly no point in purchasing products at a low price if there is no proper service. We give importance to the service too and not just on pricing. Handling SSL isn’t easy and therefore we make it mandatory to keep constant support experts for our customers.

We own our own data centers in USA and Netherlands with 1500+ servers, and also, we have 30 remote data centers in 15 different countries. Our offices are in the most prime locations, viz., USA, Dubai, and India which are always ready to provide you with the support.


1 Year of Free Hosting and 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee




We strongly believe in making customers happy and satisfying them. Therefore, we always put them first. We want you to get total satisfaction and so we give a 45-day money-back guarantee to our every single customer. If you are not getting what you want in multiple attempts, you can surely go for this option. But, we are pretty sure on you won’t feel the need to go for this money-back option. Our expert team is capable of handling almost everything!


Technical and Security Benefits

Cloud Host World offers numerous other benefits than just pricing. And of course, you would love to have extra advantages. We also offer various other aspects on technical and security fronts.

Our servers are potential enough to provide you with the speed ranging from 100 MBPS to 10 GBPS. You can use the servers for any of the purposes like gaming, casino plays, and video streaming. We guarantee you ultra-level speed for all purposes. We also support Magento hosting with high port speed and high configuration server.

There is a strong uptime of 99.9% which you could see when you use it. You will be able to witness fast page loading time for your site.

You don’t have to worry about security ever as we have got you backed up. We provide NF sense firewall protection for securing the network from DDoS attack. Our servers are secured by Bitninja and Patchman. You can check them on our site.

Our products are easy to use and we offer total support for tiniest of the problems.

There are several repositories on GitHub too. We love to help other developers with their problems.


Creation and Assistance are our Fortes

We don’t just sell products for the sake of it but believe in creating better products as well. To make things more secure and to minimize the issues of fraud, we strive to make the lives of our customer’s easier day-by-day.

Our team of expert developers is there to mend the issues. You can check out our special products here.


Why You Need SSL And HTTPS For Your Blogs in 2020...!!!! 2


To Conclude-

Cloud Host World is always there for all your woes of SSL and hosting issues. You will never regret your decision of selecting us. Try once and we guarantee you the best service in the industry.


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