Online business will be more secure by SSL certificates

Why website needed SSL?

The Internet has become the part and parcel of modern life. Whether we want to share a document with official miles away from us or connect to a friend staying in a different country all of us depend on the internet. It has made human life easier and faster. Yet internet has made us heavily dependent on it. And this dependency makes us vulnerable as we have to share documents over the internet and again make sure they are safe. For us, SSL does the job.SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. Whenever your website is handling any business or dealing with customer data whose leakage can cause damage, in the long run, the website is recommended to use SSL. Even when Login facility is provided to websites they are asked to attach SSL certificates to the website so that the customer credentials do not get exposed to any third party.

The primary job of SSL is to give your data a shape which will not be recognizable to a third party but only to the target audience without changing any content. This way even if anyone steals your data, that will be of no use.


Difference of STD SSL and Let’s Encrypt SSL

Differences between STD SSL and Let’s Encrypt SSL are listed below:-

  • Certificate expiration time limit of Let Encrypt SSL is 90 days and that of Standard SSL is 1-3 years.
  • Though both of the SSL types support single names in case of custom single names Encrypt SSL supports it on certain plans but Standard SSL supports custom single name in all ways.
  • Wildcard names are not supported by Encrypt SSL(by CA) whereas Standard SSL supports wildcard names.
  • Same domain multi names(SAN) is supported by Encrypt SSL in certain plans but not supported by Standard SSL at all. Whereas multi-domain SAN is not supported by either Encrypt SSL or STD SSL.
  • Validation types of Let’s Encrypt SSL is DV via DNS only and that of STD SSL is DV via email only.
  • Lets Encrypt SSL is free whereas STD SSL cost around $20-$100.
  • Lets Encrypt SSL does not support custom CSR whereas Standard SSL supports custom CSR. 

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