cPanel Version 11.62 with Some Facts and Results

CPanel is a Linux based controlling panel used to host websites providing them with a graphical interface and automation tools. It wasn’t much success in the beginning when it was launched 21 years ago but when the full potential of the cPanel was realized, it gained popularity and is now hosting thousands of websites presently. cPanel in collaboration with WHM (Web Host Manager) is the most trustworthy control panel for simplifying server configuration and website management. The developer(s) of the panel are constantly working on the up-gradation to introduce the various features as well as on the bugs and problems encountered by their clients. The last stable release by the cPanel was on 21st of February’2017, popularly known as cPanel version 11.62.

It has been a huge talking point among the programming geeks, who compared the updates offered by this version with respect to the previous one. According to various view, advice and suggestion, many updates have also been introduced in the existing version, making it more versatile and compatible.


Updates that were introduced and its effect on the users


The updates of the pre-existing version are the improvements brought in the program that was not significant enough to be released as a separate version. The updates of the version 11.62 are named as, and so on, each update being represented by a number added after version representation. The latest update in the cPanel 11.62 version is, released on 5th of April’2017.
Some of the major updates that were reported in this version were ensuring that dotfiles can be uploaded using the File Manager option, giving the user more freedom on the file type, not updating the users when they are freshly installing an earlier version, option to overwrite a file when the account has been renamed, adding automatic cleanup for temporary users, ensuring security prompts are available to the user, and many more that can be searched on the cPanel’s official website.


The security adviser was also updated to its latest version, root document was made to update properly when a subdomain was created and spelling of “Round cube” was also corrected after being brought into the notice of the developer and templates, index page performance and creation of locale objects were optimized as well. The users also complained of the search option not working properly which was later rectified in the updates. Many new icons were added to the market section as well as in WHM. Confusing complex error messages were also removed while installing. The version was made to be more informative about various violations and ways to get it right.

As of now, no such major flaw has been reported, which shows how well the programming was done for the update and various factors were taken into consideration. The developer(s) make sure that the budding website developers don’t come across any sort of dead-end while using their product and thus keep on updating the version time to time, introducing changes for smooth functioning and better results as well as making error rectification easier and user-friendly.