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Challenges Cloud Hosting Faces and How to Solve Them

challenges cloud hosting faces and how to solve them


The ambiguity of the “cloud” is well known. It is responsible for data storage, security, flexibility, etc. For businesses both big and small, cloud computing works like a holy grail. The services provided by cloud computing improves better decision-making and cuts costs.

In the concurrent years, digitization saw exponential growth. Similarly, cloud hosting is also a trend these days. A survey by Gartner showed a rise in cloud hosting services by 17.3%  in 2019. Although, their future predictions show that by 2022, 90% of the businesses will shift to cloud hosting services.

However, given its surprising growth, cloud hosting also faces a series of major challenges. But, before you dive in further, look into the basic characteristic and jargon for better comprehension.

Understanding cloud hosting

Cloud hosting refers to the variety of hardware and software services offered over the internet. The services are available through remote servers that are responsible for storing, running, and processing information. Simply put, these services help small and big-scale businesses to upgrade or widen their infrastructures.

Cloud hosting is a metaphor for infinite services encapsulated into one. But, you can get a hint how cloud hosting can improve your business through these three categories:

  • Software as a Service

Every software has different owners who manage and deliver them remotely. This is exactly what Software as a Service or Saas does. Over the years, this has become a very popular way for businesses to get access to various useful softwares. The working principle for this is quite simple. Rather than installing the software, you can rent out the software or opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Adobe’s Creative Suite is the best example who adopted Saas’s business intelligence and technology.

  • Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS incorporates computing resources, providing storage and networking capabilities. These services are run by different owners or providers. They are accessible to the user after payment or availing of their subscriptions.

  • Platform as a Service

In cloud hosting, platform as a service or PaaS refers to the conglomeration of application infrastructure services. This incorporates services like integration, business process management, database services, etc.

Earlier, on-premise computing was done on a local server or mostly on a computer. However, these primitive methods are obsolete nowadays. In the Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey by IDG, it was evident that 73% of companies have one or at least some part of their infrastructure on the cloud. While 17% of the other organizations plan on doing so in the next 12 months.

What is the challenge faced by cloud hosting?


challenges faced by cloud hosting


The cloud is ever-expanding. Moreover, we live in an age where data simply surpasses the traditional storage processes. Companies are always looking around for the best data management and storage capabilities.

It is indeed true that there is nothing you can’t do with cloud hosting. Though the opportunities might seem endless, cloud hosting also faces some issues:

  1. Security

Cloud computing gives you the freedom to store and manage data independently. However, it also faces some security breaches from time to time. Since you are unable to locate where your data is stored, some issues arise. The lack of transparency is a major concern in cloud hosting.

  1. Managing costs and containment

Cloud hosting principally works intending to cut costs. It spares small and big-scale businesses from investing in expensive hardware. However, another major concern includes cost management in cloud hosting. Although, the high demands and scalability of cloud services raise some issues. It makes it difficult for users to choose the precise services and quantities which can contribute to raised costs.

  1. Lack of resources or professionals

The lack of resources or personnel is one of the most prominent challenges in cloud hosting. With rapid digitization, companies are highly dependent on cloud services. These factors lead up to difficulties in managing the tools. Moreover, the lack of IT training also makes it tough to handle could hosting.

  1. Handling multiple clouds

The challenges in cloud hosting don’t confine themselves to a single cloud. Companies now implement both public and private clouds to upgrade their infrastructure. Surveys show that this hybrid energy led to a fall from 58 % to 51% in 2018.

  1. Migration

In recent years, migration is also one of the major problems in cloud computing. However, if an application is relatively new, migration is easier. However, moving an existing application to a cloud environment creates problems. Other than this, cloud hosting has problems like extensive troubleshooting, security challenges, slow data migrations, application downtime, etc. This also affects your workflow and overall performance.

Cloud Hosting with CloudHostWorld


Cloud Hosting Packages

Among the thousand cloud hosting companies, CloudHostWorld has the simplest and the best interface.

Some of their features include :

  • User-friendly control panel.
  • Full Server Access.
  • Solid-state drivers.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Instant Provisioning.
  • High Reliability.

CloudHostWorld offers great packages tailor-made for your needs. This includes:


Despite its challenges, cloud hosting is still revolutionizing the IT industry, changing infrastructure trends for the better. Especially for new entrepreneurs, investing in expensive server maintenance might seem far-fetched and pointless. This is where cloud computing comes to help.  And with CloudHostWorld, you will be surprised how much your business benefits from their services.

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