Cheapest Web Hosting in India

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that permits people and organizations to store a website or online page onto the web. The web hosting service provider could be a business that gives the technologies and services required for the website or online page to be viewed on the web. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers known as servers. Your website is worldwide visible once you keep your websites on the server.


Different Types of Web Hosting


  1. Shared hosting
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2.  Shared Hosting  :  It is nothing but an online hosting within which provider serves a page for multiple internet sites, each having its own domain name, from a single web server. Though shared hosting is quite an affordable way for a business to form a web presence, It’s generally not sufficient for internet sites high traffic. This type of hosting is available at the least expensive rates because of the sharing of resources. Along with sharing Resources, you are supposed to share the computer processor as well as a server maintenance charges.


  1. Reseller hosting :


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Reseller hosting is an alternative way of web hosting whereas the account owner has the potential to use his or her allotted hard drives as well as bandwidth on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host’s service wholesale then sells them to the shoppers. possibly for a profit. Reseller hosting is that the ability to produce hosting to your own purchasers as if you yourself were the online hosting company. This can be typical for newly arrived entrepreneurs whoever need to begin their own business or for current web developers or designers who want to add further services to their business.


  1. Cloud VPS :   

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Cloud VPS is a way of hosting your virtual servers on the cloud. VPS is alternative hosting option which has outgrown the shared server. Vps are virtual servers made by partitioning of a dedicated server. VPS clients get the same features as that of the dedicated server’s customer. A Virtual private server Is s virtual machine sold as a service by the internet hosting machine.  Cloud VPS is an economical method of operating a website on the internet, YOu can select the service you want and will pay for them which is different from the regular hosting where you are forced to pay a fixed amount of charges for the plans offered by the host.


  1. Dedicated Server  : 


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A dedicated server could be a single computer network reserved for fulfilling the necessities of the network. Eg. Some network needs that one computer to be set aside to handle communication between all other computers. In web hosting business a dedicated server is often a rented server. When you prefer a dedicated hosting supplier, you get the complete resources of the single server. You don’t have to be compelled to worry about alternative websites preventative up the server’s mainframe and RAM. With a dedicated server, you can ensure that harmful scripts running on another website or spikes won’t let your server down.


Cheapest Web Hosting in India

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Pros of CloudHostWorld Hosting

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  • Good Security Option
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