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Top 6 Cloud Hosting Trends in 2021

Top 6 Cloud Hosting Trends in 2021

The cloud has been deemed as one of the most sought out technologies to influence the digital landscape. It is a fast moving business that has penetrated every aspect of human life – be it professional or business.

Cloud-based solutions are a need of the hour and dictate most of the crucial functions of complex businesses in the market. Cloud computing showed driving growth in the year 2021, through exceptional growth in cloud services and solutions for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.


With the advent of so many businesses coming up in 2021, cloud storage capacity was a driving point for web hosts. 2020 also witnessed the adoption of greater security measures and software in the cloud for enhanced data security.

Some of the other aspects of cloud applications were an Internet of Everything(IoE), IoT, Better Internet Quality, Server-less Cloud Computing, & more. The adoption of the cloud shall continue to escalate in the business market through the latest deliverable s from cloud hosts.


In this article, we shall see new trends in the  cloud computing segment that will change the perspective of how we look at the cloud, and what it can do for individuals and businesses globally.


1.Hybrid Cloud solution shall be a major deliverable for enterprises.


The need for a hybrid cloud for customers will have a myriad of applications this year. Not every public or private cloud is a one-size-fits-all solution. Enterprises with customized requirements require a hybrid solution that combines existing infrastructure with a cloud system that can run apps easily, and customers have the leverage to move into the cloud more efficiently and at scale.

The idea of an on-premise system integrating with multiple clouds solves problems pertaining to the pricing model, security, and disaster recovery as well.  Hybrid clouds are easy to set up in comparison to various legacy systems that are seen in the past.


2. Optimize ROI with containers  


Top 6 Cloud Hosting Trends in 2021 1

Data containers will play a crucial role when it comes to data mobility. Containers are mostly used in hybrid environments or multi-cloud configurations to move data faster from one container to another.

These containers can be defined as modern development tools that bring data in from various containers to be processed by a processor. This makes it very easy for developers to deploy their app or software to maximize ROI, rather than an application running an Operating System.


3. Backup and Data Recovery will play a crucial role in 2021


Large cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will be looking at enhancing backup and data recovery systems for their customers this year. Backup and DR constitute more than 10% of the cloud pricing model which is immediately followed by various tools and email hosting as well.

The adoption of a strong security system installed in the cloud is one of the strongest elements for cloud applications and data security. Data virtualization shall play a major role to ensure all the security layers are hardened and monitored where the data is actually situated through security protocols, privacy controls, and cloud governance.

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4. Preventing unauthorized access


Granular user access is one of the most vital aspects of data security in the cloud. Defined parameters for applications is an effective mechanism to brace cloud deployments as they facilitate security at the software or application layer.

This makes it easier for enterprises to disengage various services for user access. The formation and connection of micro-tunnels make it invisible for the software running the application, and further closing the ports makes it all the easier to encrypt data as the window for the attack is decreased.


5. Cloud Database are decisive for enterprises    



Cloud repositories are vital for applications that deliver solutions to complex services in the market. The new data system scales much better than legacy models, this has facilitated higher performance for various technologies viz. Internet of Things(IoT) , AI, and the application of decisive data for analytics. As a distributed setting, cloud models can facilitate data access through minimization and greater reliability.


6. Looking at the cloud as a business enabler, rather than a cost reducer  


Enterprises or firms are no longer looking at the cloud deployments as a means to reduce their cost.  It is more seen as a futuristic business model that enables greater security, flexibility, performance, and reacts extremely fast to changing business conditions.

Large companies are turning to the cloud to set it as a principal technology driver for their business model.

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Final Thoughts –


The world of cloud computing will continue to grow in 2021 across multiple verticals and domains to deliver greater benefits for businesses globally. It will be imperative for cloud solutions to integrate sophisticated security tools and recovery solutions to keep the data safe, whilst delivering scalability, cost savings, and flexibility across the cloud model.


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