Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites from 2020

Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites From 2022

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Chrome update for Low page speed Badge – Chrome will Identify sites that typically loads fast or slow using ‘Badging‘.

Page Speed Site, a very Important key rule for every visitor to boost up their content through their blog post, they are writing.
Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites from 2022 has announced a plan to introduce Badging as an effective way to encourage bloggers to improve their website speed.
Google will now propose a contextual menus on links that will tell all the users before they click, that their website is slow or not. The main Aim of Google Chrome is to reward Fast sites only.

What is Reward for Fast sites?

The Fast website page speed, will now days get rewards from the google of badging for having such a Fast site and also to warn the slow sites as a way to provide value to them so that they can improve their website speed to rank easily on google the first page.

Until now, google officially not yet introduced, how they are gonna badge as a reward.

Google will definitely publish an example of what the slow page speed translates as a reward.

What is the Goal of Badging ?

The main goal of Badging is to Reward for Fast site Speed of their website.

Google Chrome To Badge Slow Websites from 2020

Google Announced the Reward

“We think the web browser can do better and want to help users understand when a site may load slowly, while rewarding site delivering fast experiences. ”

Above is an example of positive feedback for the Fast speed loading website as per google’s point of view.

Its a Subtle badge given, according to users, they might not even notice of that “reward” badge.
The Green Color hardly qualifies the Reward for Good fast Speed websites, so what according to you, you might suggest, Do Comments below, about your views.

Context Menu on Links

Like a reference to a link for organic search results – for SEO UPDATE, google suggested a ”context Menus. ”

Until now, it is not confirmed whether the contextual menus on all links or just on google’s search results. According to my point of view, they will be pointing towards google’s search results.

What Google Said

Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites from 2022 – 
“Our early explorations will look at a number of chrome surfaces, including the loading screen(splash screen), Loading progress bar and context menus for links. The Later could enable insight into typical site speeds so you’re aware before you navigate. ”

Chrome Speed Badge is a work in Progress

Google said that the proposal for the speed badging is still being worked out.

Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites

According to google

According to Google Chrome Updates, Google is planning with the number of different options, so they might take a number of forms to judge very well and then implement according to their surveys to determine which will provide the most value to our users in SEO point of view.

Is Badging will Expand beyond Speed?

Google plans to incorporate other performance badges beyond slow website speed. Google dint give examples of what other metrics were.

Our long term goal is to define a high-Quality experience, which may include the signals beyond just speed. ”

Everyone hates Slow-loading websites so Google is now looking to make it easier to identify such websites and google is now in progress only, push website owners are more likely to improve their load page speeds.
Google chrome is testing nowadays and they are in a proactive mode to implement this update soon. Such websites are appropriately labeled in the future.
Currently, google chrome is now experimenting with several other options of badging websites.

Conclusion:  Badging will definitely identify, when the websites are slow, by looking at their historic load lateness.
Google Chrome To [Badge] Slow Websites from 2022 – Moving forward, Google Chrome will also identify when the web page is also going to be slow based on the users’ device and network speed conditions.
Hoping for the best results comes in future time so that from now onward, the only fast website can run easily and the slow website will forcefully need to change their setting and need to upgrade by using this new Chrome Low-Speed Badge updates which will help for SEO of their rankings.

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