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Google Latest Updates that affects your WordPress Website

Google Latest Updates that affects your WordPress Website 1

WordPress is an online, open source, website creating tool written in PHP. In simpler words, it is the most widely used blogging platform. Although it started out as such, nowadays it is the most powerful website Content Management System or CMS in existence. Many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, etc are using WordPress.

For developing a website, the WordPress platform is mostly recommended. More than 50-60% of the websites existing on the World Wide Web today are using WordPress. Due to its fast running speed, developers love working with this platform, and also the clients understand the value of this platform.


Why use WordPress?

If you are a business owner with website problems, WordPress is your best solution. You may ask why so? Here are some reasons why it is so:


  • Easy to set up, manage and update:-

You do not have to be an internet expert or an HTML coder in order to use WordPress, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser, to create your website.

It is most perfect for start-ups. If you want to customize your website further, you can easily migrate your starter website to a web hosting account.


  • Good for both blog and website:-

Google Latest Updates that affects your WordPress Website 2


Initially, WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but over the years it has evolved into a powerful web content management system. WordPress themes facilitate you to have a professional website for your business campaign without the need for hiring additional web designers for that purpose.

With WordPress website management has never been so easy. Thousands of WordPress plugins add functionality to the core system, enabling you to expand your website and its efficiency. So, be it a simple contact form or a full-featured commerce system, there is a plugin for everything you need.


  • It is safe and secure:-

WordPress was developed with security in mind. So, it is considered to be safe. However, in reality, the internet is an uncertain place with intruders roaming around to scoop up your online data. WordPress generally uses the best in internet security solutions to monitor security threats.


  • Search engine friendly:-

It is written using a standard coding system and makes your site more attractive to search engines. SEO plugins help make it even more attractive to search engines.


  • It is an open source:-

It is free software, i.e. any interested user is free to download, install, use and modify it. It is also an open source, which means that the source code is open to anyone who wants to study, modify and remodel it.


Updating your website.

Like everything WordPress too is not perfect. Problems are generally caused by WordPress templates and some plugins. They may also affect the running speed of your website.


  • Why update WordPress?

Security can be cited as the main reason to upgrade your WordPress website. Security vulnerabilities can be corrected sometimes by updating your WordPress to the new version. Not updating in some cases may leave your website vulnerable to attacks by hackers. Also, updating can help you benefit from newer features that were absent in previous versions.


  • How often do we need to update WordPress?

WordPress has a built-in alert system that notifies the users when their version is out of date which indicates needs to be changed. It is recommended for those who rarely log in to the site, to check in at least once a month to update their existing version into the latest release.


  • Will updating break my site?

Generally updating your WordPress site is no big deal. However, sometimes minor problems may arise. These may be due to internet connection issues, maintenance issues, white screen, etc.

White screen error is mainly caused by plugin compatibility issues. The solution may simply be to deactivate the said plugin which is not compatible with your current version.


  • Boosting speed of a WordPress website.

WordPress plugins can sometimes slow down your website running speed. Some of the latest Google updates have been seen to be slowing down the running speed. A tiny error can take away many of your valued clients and work.

While working on an old WordPress website, you may find some deactivated plugins which are causing reduced running speed. Before resuming work it is recommended that you delete those plugins for enhanced speed.


WordPress and Google

Google Latest Updates that affects your WordPress Website 3



Over the years Google has invested in shaping the architecture of the web, working with developers and the SEO community in order to incorporate the technologies into their practices. Recently, it has partnered with WordPress. The collaboration between these two is focused on bringing the platform’s ecosystem up to the current web standards. Technologies such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are being used to this measure. It can be speculated that the long-term roadmap of this collaboration intends to include rolling AMPs (or AMP-like functionalities) into the WordPress core.



Various updates like the Google speed update, mobile-fast index, etc are affecting WordPress core in various ways. However, some updates tend to create problems, but these are mainly due to plugin compatibility issues. All in all, we can say that the latest Google updates are focused more on WordPress core development.

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