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Step by Step Guideline to Set Up Your Dedicated Server in Only 15 Minutes

Step by Step Guideline to Set Up Your Dedicated Server in Only 15 Minutes 1

Managed dedicated servers are the rage right now, and why not? They provide anything and everything that you can imagine with just a single click. Your service provider can do it all for you. But, still, if you wish to set up your server then that can also be done easily.

Check out the steps below to set up your own dedicated server in only 15 minutes-

1) You will have to choose the “Deploy” option on the server where you want to build a Managed Cloud Dedicated Cloud

2) Enter the particulars about your server.  You need to check for typos and errors as this information is extremely crucial for your configuration files.  Also, don’t forget to set a strong root password.


3) Configure additional options. By default, our servers come with a certain set of specifications and you can change them as you wish. If you need extra space and bandwidth, choose during this step.  We strongly recommend enabling backups for your safety. Backups have a lot of importance and those shouldn’t be ignored.

4) Contemplate add-ons too. As you are building your dedicated server by yourself, you have the ability to choose the features and specifications as you like which can also suit your business needs. If you feel that you need experts for managing and installing your server, then feel free to contact us.  We are there to help you. Our services are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed as we have got them all. You just have to select the options while installing, but, you can anytime change them as per your needs.

5) Finally, you select the server and do the payment. Before paying, just confirm once about all the step by step configurations. See that the selections you made were all right and then submit your payment. If there are no glitches in the information you filled and everything gets accepted then you will have your server up and running, and that too in a few minutes.

6) Now, you can access the control panel of your server. Inside the portal, you can check the services and choose the server’s name which you have just created.

7) Go to the Web Host Manager. Through the main control panel, you have the power to control lots of vital aspects related to your server besides just powering it on and off. To begin with the initial setup you will have to log in to the web host manager first. Now, here you will have to use the password you used while setting up for the root’s username.


8) After logging in the web host manager, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the services. Further, you will also need to stimulate the inclusion of suggested add-ons, for example, mod_security. Enabling this add-on helps in keeping your server at bay from the threats and also the evil hackers

9) Now, you shall further set up the cPanel and WHM. You will need to enter your email address as the point of contact. You will get all the important notifications regarding your server and, through which you can contact the technical support team, as and when you need. After entering the email address, further, go and assign the IP addresses to every server name. You will have to click the add button for each entry and enter the details.

10) Go ahead and register the name of your servers. Registering a domain with us is extremely easy, quick, and affordable process. Still, if you go with other registrars, then you will have to ask them to make changes in their control panel. Anytime if you feel, you can transfer the domain with our service or choose to register a new domain name with us and take benefits of our service.

11) In the web host manager mentioned earlier, you can create a new account by clicking on the option which mentions the same. You will have to enter the complete information related to your domain. It is mandatory to enter it onto the server.

12) Then, you shall point the domain name to the servers. In the final step, log in to the domain registrar’s service portal and point your servers to your domain name. It usually takes from an hour to twenty-four hours for both of them to broadcast. After the broadcasting, you are live in the world with full power of your dedicated cloud server with high performance and flexibility.


13) At last, everything is set now! These were the simple Step by Step Guideline to Set Up Your Dedicated Server in Only 15 Minutes

If at all you don’t wish to do all this work or don’t have anyone to guide you then you can just reach to us by submitting a ticket to our team. We are here to serve you with all the top features and price range and would like to do anything which keeps your business happy.

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when you have high upload and download speeds, One thing to keep in mind is that, you may experience connectivity issues as well as lag problem while connecting to your server, in this case our Step by Step Guideline to Set Up Your Dedicated Server in Only 15 Minutes will help you out.

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