Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: Functionality and Significance

Today, almost every single organization is opting for a dedicated server  hosting platform for showcasing their business online since the hosting platform is quite feasible and brings up a varied range of features that no other hosting platform might offer.

Consider any digital business for an instance. The organizations present in this domain are aiming to build and run their businesses in a much cleaner way. The digital agencies want to create their business infrastructure but don’t wish to administer it on their own as they focus more on their core businesses. But that is not the thing that consists of their passion and hence it is not the reason they are getting in the business.

Many organizations mostly outsource their management tasks which make them quite feasible to stick to their core business tasks other than wasting time in management. Hence, a fully managed dedicated server is the best for managing the organizations’ server and hence website.

A dedicated hosting server is a perfect pick if you have got plans to earn money through an online business. Even if VPS and shared hosting platforms one of the cheapest ones in the market right now, there is no other hosting platform which will provide you with the aforementioned benefits all in a single package. One must opt for managed dedicated hosting platform only and only if your website requires multiple resources and has got a huge traffic on daily basis.

Server Management

In case of a fully managed dedicated server, the following aspects are taken care of when it comes to server management

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: Functionality and Significance 1

  • Updating the operating system
  • Updating applications
  • Monitoring the server
  • Monitoring the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) hardware
  • Monitoring of application
  • Technical support by a dedicated expert team
  • Firewall services
  • Updating the antivirus
  • Carrying out security audits
  • Protection and mitigation of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service attack)
  • Detection of intrusions
  • Carrying out regular backups and restorations
  • Administration of server database

Tuning the server performance

Now the inclusion of above-mentioned aspects in the hosting packages vary according to the 4 sub-categories of the dedicated server:

1. Fully Managed Dedicated Server:
Monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches, operating system updates

2. Managed Dedicated Server: Medium level server management, monitoring, updates, and limited system support

3. Self-managed Dedicated Server:Regular monitoring, server maintenance at some specific level

4. Unmanaged Dedicated Server: No involvement or very little involvement from hosting service provider

Merits of a Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: Functionality and Significance 2

A flexible access to everything you need

A managed dedicated hosting platform provides you access to every single thing you need and whenever you demand it. This is the best ever flexibility offered to a business module by this kind of hosting platform. A regular hosting service provider may not provide you with this much flexibility since it has poor server management skills.

Website Blacklisting:

Shared servers introduce a motivating risk vector:  there’s an opportunity that Google and different search engines can blacklist your websites as a result of some other person on the server engaged in felonious or discouraged practices like spamming. Dangerous neighbors on a shared server will get the whole information processing address blacklisted, making your websites to go invisible.

Having your website on a managed dedicated server, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get blacklisted – unless your organization engages in unethical or felonious web practices.

Server Performance and Response Time:

On shared hosting, sudden bursts of internet traffic may drain the server’s restricted bandwidth resources. This ends up in slow response times and slow website loading times. This, in turn, frustrates your websites’ visitors as well as your employees. If your neighbor suddenly and unexpectedly gets famous, you’re stuck in an exceedingly huge traffic with obscurity to travel.

A managed dedicated server will never let you down in terms of server break down. The team here effectively works on resolving the server issues without the server being stopped. The expertise present in the team immediately resolves the issues and hence proves to be the best support team.

Complete control over your own website:

A fully dedicated server offers you an excellent deal of custom choices and settings. Your organization can have a full hold over the server management. You’ll add your most well-liked programs, applications and scripts to satisfy your operational needs. Dedicated servers provide tremendous latitude to regulate your operational flexibility and security – that is extremely useful for several businesses with the requisite data and skills.

Along with the aforementioned advantages, a Fully Managed Dedicated Servers offer you:

  • Scalable storage space
  • Easy to use server control panels
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Dedicated domains, sub-domains
  • Dedicated email accounts
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Security patching
  • Anti-virus management

Demerits of a Fully Dedicated Hosting Server

With merits comes some amount of demerits. A fully managed dedicated server being the most feasible hosting platform in the market currently, it does have a couple of demerits.

Adult content is complete to be avoided on a fully managed dedicated hosting server. It either can create issues of legality or the content can consume most of the disk space and bandwidth.

Copyright issues can also take place if some copyrighted content is hosted and this goes against most of the hosting organizations’ terms and conditions.

Many hosting service providers avoid allowing IRC (Internet Relay Chat – carried out by bots or daemons). This is avoided since it lowers the customer service quality.

The Inference

As a forementioned, a managed dedicated server hosting service provides you with more flexibility as compared to the other hosting services present in the current market. If a business has planned to outsource its server management, managed dedicated hosting platform is the best since it also saves time with respect to server maintenance and management. Your in-house staff can easily access the applications and servers of your business module. This hence lets you set up a new staff for handling the server and also to make prompt changes in the server.


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