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What Are The Prime Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Server?

What Are The Prime Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Server? 1

A fully managed dedicated server performs tasks of managing the server completely at the service providers’ end. Along with this, a swift business functioning is ensured by monitoring the server. A managed dedicated server provider can offer you multiple support aspects such as network uptime support, application support, database support, OS troubleshooting, etc.

A managed dedicated server costs too high as compared to a regular dedicated server hosting. In case of dedicated server hosting, a client looks after server management and monitors tasks.

When it comes to taking a decision on the third party service provider and maintaining it on your own, one should take into account the aspects like security, support, reliability, and scalability. Hence, taking the help of experts would be the most appreciable decision.

No chances of site breakdown

In regular shared hosting, which is a low-cost service, allows hosting of multiple sites on a single server. For this service, the essential resources are allocated as per the requirement. If the resource quantity increases beyond its limit, the server and hence the websites handled by it result into a breakdown.

Use of a managed dedicated server eliminates this issue. A regular shared hosting service can experience failure at any time. Almost all the shared hosting packages are not managed in a proper manner. These when undergoing failure, have no option but to wait for someone to fix the issue, until which nothing can be done. Managed dedicated server ensures you that such problems that take place in the regular shared hosting plans do not take place. Hence precautionary steps are taken before any major issue like a failure or break down takes place.

The best solution for any business

It is agreed that Managed Dedicated Hosting services are quite expensive, but they are the ones you the best user experience. If you are thinking of anything better than a regular shared hosting package for your business modules, managed dedicated servers are the best. They are the best alternatives present in the market.

The most secured hosting platform ever

On-call maintenance and data separation are the two main security enhancements made available in the managed dedicated hosting service.

A sudden or unexpected server break down cannot be afforded for any of the business modules. For avoiding unnecessary lag caused due to server failures, immediate action must be taken to cure the issue as soon as possible.

For this unexpected failure of a server, managed dedicated server offers you an option of on-call maintenance. This reduces the wait time for the issue to be resolved. A team of dedicated professionals notice and analyses the issues and eradicates them.

Protect your website from DDOS attacks

A website experiences DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks when someone exceeds the level of data requests. DDOS attacks are very common in case of shared hosting or unmanaged shared hosting services. If a single website is attacked by DDOS, everything on the same server experiences failure, hence leading to a huge mishap taking place.

Protect your website from DDOS attacks

In the case of the managed dedicated hosting server platform, these DDOS attacks are specially taken care of. A managed dedicated hosting server quickly takes action on a DDOS attack by resolving the issue taking place due to it. This hosting platform keeps your server online still resolving it even when it attains failure.

Utmost flexibility in resource management

Hardware and software requirements change with coming time. This majorly depends on the change in project scope and duration. Making use of the right tools is only possible when web hosting is outsourced. If the right tools are used, high costs should high never be a major issue.

Utmost flexibility in resource management

Managed dedicated hosting gives you an assurance that whenever you require more amount of resources for your organization or business module, you’ll be delivered with it on the same day. A dedicated team hence serves you immediately. On the contrary, this is not at all possible in case of the regular shared hosting services. It takes over a week to provide you with the resources you require and hence it disappoints you to a greater extent due to delayed delivery.

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Advantageous new technology

Iterative software updates are very common these days. The same is with updating a server. A dedicated team of expert professionals is always present in a managed dedicated hosting platform which helps you out for server updates available round the clock. This hence aids in taking advantage of the new and updated features of the hosting platform.

Cheaper than in-house hosting platform

A managed dedicated hosting platform can handle almost a dozen clients at a time. This costs very less as compared to the in-house hosting platform. You just need to hire an expert panel to handle and monitor the server efficiently. This surely results in a decrease in overhead costs required for a single managed dedicated site.

Managed dedicated hosting platform is hence the best due to the above major advantages it offers. It offers best in the market service and features, making the clients happy forever. Outsourcing server management leads in highly reduced overheads and hence making it affordable for all business levels.

A flexible server management team and all-time support staff is the most vital feature of a managed dedicated server hosting service. Once you opt for a managed dedicated server, you will not be given a single chance to get disappointed. The hosting platform has all the features managed at advanced levels that work flawlessly; giving you the best out of every single thing.

The bottom line:- 

The most major advantage being that you can easily and cheaply get your resources managed whenever you need them without wasting time. A managed dedicated server hosting platform hence ensures that you meet every single need with utmost flexibility and affordability. You can fulfill your client requirements within the given deadline, hence avoiding undesirable delays.

A managed dedicated server lets you save every single penny and your valuable time by giving you optimum options for hosting platform.

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