Fully managed server vs. self managed server

Fully Managed vs. Self Managed Server: Make the Right Choice

Fully Managed Server vs. Self Managed Server

Selecting a hosting server plan depends on what are the requirements of your organization. Whichever option you might choose, there will obviously be some merits and demerits, it is conjointly necessary to know the variations between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting to clarify this important alternative in establishing and maintaining your business.

Selecting the perfect hosting packages is the most important and primary decision one needs to make for his/her website. While there are a lot of accessible choices, none can coordinate the flexibility and level of control you’ll get with a devoted server.

We are going to discuss the differences between the Managed and Self-Managed Hosting Server platforms. But before we move further, we need to know the basics of both the hosting platforms.

Managed Hosting Server

A managed hosting server platform is the one provided to a client that fulfills the client’s requirements. The server is totally administered by the hosting providers’ expert team. This means the clients do not have to deal with the management, monitoring, and maintenance of the server they own. As aforementioned, all these tasks are performed by the experts of the hosting service providers.

If an organization has opted for a managed hosting service, it would not require an in-house team of technical experts to handle the server. The organizations’ website is all maintained and administered by the shared hosting provider itself. It also takes care of the websites’ security. Hence the operation of the server becomes way easier since there is no need to worry about its maintenance and other tasks to be performed.

The only downside of the managed hosting service is that it is not much flexible for your organization to handle the server as per your requirements. A client or an organization must opt for a managed server if they have no experience in server management or they have no time for handling the server or website.

A managed server will obviously cost more as the hosting provider is going to provide their own team of experts to handle and manage the server. But with this cost, the organization is going to have maximum server management flexibility, website stability, and security.

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A Managed Hosting Server will offer the following benefits

  • It provides high-level security and there is no other website that is on the server; you yourself being an exception
  • The administration changes to be made can be done at any time according to your flexibility
  • Dedicated hosting provides maximum performance, scalability, and stability
  • Best in class server performance
  • Server disk space and bandwidth feasibility
  • Fewer chances of server breakdown
  • Server breakdowns are easily manageable and consume less time
  • Enhanced website speed and performance
  • Complete liberty and control
  • Increased level of website security
  • More amount of storage space
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Managed Hosting Server

Self-Managed Hosting Server

A self-managed hosting server comes with the same platform as that of a managed hosting server; the main difference being the freedom it provides you in terms of admin access to the server. A self-managed hosting server is flexible as compared to a managed hosting server with respect to server management, maintenance, and monitoring.

When it comes to server management and monitoring experience, an organization should opt for a self-managed hosting server if they have some in-house experienced professionals who can give special time to handle it all. A self-managed server will cost you less as an organization will be deploying its own team of experts and.

An organization should hence opt for a self-managed server if they have ample time to manage the server on their own and mainly cannot afford to pay extra to the service provider. The main drawback of the self-managed server is the in-house team needs to look after every single aspect of the website hosting due to which they should be available whenever needed. This results in taking away the team from other tasks and putting them wholly on server management and monitoring.

Unlike managed hosting servers, an organization would not experience website stability and security since their in-house expert team would be on board which might not be much experienced and skilled as of the expert team provided in the managed hosting server.

Even if the self-managed servers cost less, an organization might also not have much of the management flexibility and it is even not much feasible for the in-house team to work on it.

When a self-managed server is compared to a managed hosting server, the following are its demerits

Self-managed server demerits

  • A special in-house team of experts needs to be assigned
  • Server maintenance, management, and security; all need to be taken care of by the organizations’ in-house expert team
  • The team needs to be highly skilled
  • Server breakdowns need to be managed promptly and by the in-house team itself; which is not possible at all times
  • A server operation is a bit difficult when you also need to look after server management

Final Thoughts

Picking the hosting solution that suits and fulfills your requirements is the most important decision one needs to make for hosting a website. An organization must opt for a self-managed hosting server if it has got plans to not invest much in hosting services. Self-managed hosting server is the best pick when one wishes to have total control over your website in order to manage the website resources and traffic as well.

The choice offers the most control and best execution for your site, and it’s less demanding to be configured beyond your expectations. and if an organization does not care about high costs but want maximum website stability, security, and management flexibility, they should surely go for a managed server. It is agreed that managed dedicated hosting services are quite expensive, but they are the ones that give the best user experience. A managed hosting server platform provides the best alternatives present in the market.

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