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Set Up Your Managed Dedicated Server In Simple 6 Stages.


Want to set up your managed dedicated server in a simple way?

Selecting the perfect hosting packages is the most important and primary decision one needs to make for his/her website. While there are a lot of accessible choices, none can coordinate the flexibility and level of control you’ll get with a devoted server.

When you utilize a managed dedicated hosting server, you’ll be provided with an exclusive server. This guarantees no other client will have similar assets as of yours or approach your data. You likewise oversee the server, so you can guarantee your site is more secure.

A Brief Introduction to Dedicated Hosting

In the least difficult terms, managed dedicated hosting gives selective access to a physical server. That server is just accessible to you and your site. This is exactly the opposite of VPS hosting and shared hosting services, where your website involves an indistinguishable server from numerous different clients.

Here you can make a comparison between leasing a flat and owning a house. With your very own committed server, you have more opportunity to arrange it in whatever way you need, and you don’t need to impart its assets to different destinations.

Managed dedicated hosting bears extraordinary advantages

  • Enhanced website speed and performance
  • Complete liberty and control
  • Increased level of website security
  • More amount of storage space

How to Set up a Managed Dedicated Server?


setting up a managed dedicated server
setting up a managed dedicated server


After knowing the basics of the managed dedicated hosting server, you might be having queries as to how one can set up a managed dedicated server for his/her business?

 When should you opt for a managed dedicated server platform?

Shared hosting and VPS are the ones that come with a limited number of features and restrictions like limited server space, poor server traffic management, operation flexibility, etc.

To overcome these flaws, one should opt for a Managed Dedicated Server. A managed dedicated server offers you the maximum flexibility in website traffic management, server disk space, website resource management.

Standard steps for managed dedicated server configuration

In order to set up a dedicated server, one should follow the following basic steps.

Stage 1: The Configuration Process

All you need at the initial stage is to sign up for the best hosting service provider available in the market. Check out all the features they provide and get started. After you sign up, you’ll be taken to the dashboard of the website wherein you will be able to see a button named ‘Add a Dedicated Server’. Click the button and follow the steps further.

Stage 2: Selection of CPU cores you’ll require

Once you’ve signed up, you need to select the number of CPU cores that you’ll need. The CPU computes all the programs that are run on the server. The core is an additional unit provided to your CPU to increase is computing capabilities. Each core can handle one activity at a time. So clubbing multiple cores helps the CPU to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

The number of CPU cores you’ll require depends on your server. On average, the dedicated hosting organizations provide you with a range of either 4 or 12 CPU cores.

Stage 3: Choose Your Storage Solution

After you’re done with step 2, you need to decide on your servers’ storage requirement. Once you’re done with the determination of disk space required, select the type of disk required, i.e., HDD (Hard Disk Drives) and SSD (Solid State Drives).

But before you opt for these risk categories, you need to understand their functionality. HDD offers you more disk space as compared to an SSD. While on the other hand, an SSD has the best operating speed. So choose wisely!

You can read here for more

Stage 4: Adding RAM to Your Server

Your websites’ functionality is based on the RAM (Random Access Memory). Every single thing that takes place on your website requires RAM. And if by chance you get short of memory, your websites’ performance is affected.

Accordingly, you’ll have to deliberately consider the amount RAM your server will utilize. To enable you to out, here are some of the variables that influence RAM the most.

  • Operating System (OS)
  • Website traffic
  • Applications

At last, it’s dependent upon you to choose the alternative that best suits your website. Just make sure that when you opt for a RAM for your server, select a configuration considering a higher level of server requirements. Your server has now got every asset it requires and a lot of disk space to develop.

Stage 5: Decide if you wish to switch from existing server to Managed Dedicated Server

Once that you’re done with the signing up and setting up your server you can relocate from an older hosting platform to your newly managed dedicated server. This will continue every one of your information from the old arrangement, including clients and areas.


Wish to switch from existing server to manged dedicated server?
Wish to switch from existing server to managed dedicated server?


This alternative is especially useful for locales that have outgrown their current arrangement. By moving to a managed dedicated server, you can keep your every single information and settings unpublished, while getting the advantages of the dedicated hosting server. If you have got no plans to shift, leave this alternative set to don’t move any clients/spaces.

Stage 6: Payment Plan

Once you’re done with the entire primary setting up of the managed server, you’ll simply need to pick a suitable payment plan. You can either select to pay month to month or every year. If you pick a yearly installment plan, you’ll pay more forthright but will set aside extra cash in the long haul. Pick the choice you incline toward and then tap on Add Server to finish your buy.

To Conclude

The configuration of your dedicated server is now done! Just your payment details need to be confirmed and your dedicated server is ready to be used. Managed dedicated hosting server is the best pick when you wish to have total control over your website in order to manage the website resources and traffic as well. The choice offers the most control and best execution for your site, and it’s less demanding to be configured beyond your expectations.

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