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How Managed Dedicated Server Is Better Than Anyone Else In 2021?

managed dedicated server

Hosting services are of many types. Each type of hosting service has its unique set of features based on which they are differentiated. Amongst all the categories of hosting services available in the market, a managed dedicated server hosting platform is the best one.

Selecting a hosting server plan depends on what are the requirements of your organization. Whichever option you might choose, there will obviously be some merits and demerits, it is conjointly necessary to know the variations between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting to clarify this important alternative in establishing and maintaining your business.

The number of websites hosted on the server:

In shared hosting, multiple organizations’ website is present on a single hosting platform. In the case of the Managed Dedicated Hosting platform, only one organization is present at a time for its website to be hosted.

Memory and Bandwidth:

As aforementioned, in shared hosting, multiple organizations are present for their websites to be hosted. Hence you are provided with limited space and bandwidth here. Once you cross your server memory and bandwidth limits, you need to pay extra.

On the contrary, in managed dedicated hosting, the entire server space and bandwidth are meant to be used by one single organization itself.No resource sharing exists here, and hence the limitations on the server space and bandwidth wholly depend up to the requirements of your organization.



Operation and Maintenance Costs:

operation and cost - managed server hosting


A shared hosting server is shared between multiple organizations at the same time. The overall operation and maintenance costs are thus shared between these organizations. Therefore, it becomes much cost-effective to use a shared hosting service for small or medium leveled organizations.


Since a managed dedicated server is meant for a single organization at a time, its costs go much higher as compared to other hosting servers. With these, higher costs come advanced features that are not at all offered by other hosting services. A managed dedicated server offers you maximum operational flexibility to manage the huge traffic, make server customizations and also you can upgrade software whenever required.

Technical Requirements:

If you have opted for a shared hosting service, your organization would not require a team of technical experts to hand the server. Your website is all maintained and administered by the shared hosting provider itself.

It also takes care of your websites’ security. Hence the operation of your server becomes way easier since you need not worry about it much. The only downside of a shared hosting service is that it is not much flexible for your organization to handle the server as per your requirements.

With a managed dedicated server, your organization ought to anticipate the need for IT & webmaster skills to line up, install, administer and manage the server’s overall health. If that’s too intimidating for your organization thanks to time or money constraints – however, you need the ability and space of an ardent server.

Totally managed dedicated hosting plans are offered at greater prices. However, it’s necessary to know that the value of managed services is usually still much lesser than the building, staffing, and onboarding of your own IT department.

Server Security:

With shared hosting, the hosting company installs firewalls, server security applications, and programs. Specialists in security are tasked with providing a secure & stable operation atmosphere for the organizations on shared servers.

Securing an ardent server is going to be your organization’s responsibility. Configuring software systems to find and mitigate threats falls to your IT department, whereas your hosting company is barely accountable for keeping your server steam-powered and physically secured.


Server_Security-managed server


On a managed dedicated server, your organization’s IT people are going to be able to manage the safety programs you put in. However, since your organization is the sole user, there are fewer possibilities to accumulate viruses, malware, and spyware. Thanks to your poor neighbors and misconfigured security.

While it appears counter-intuitive, there’s truly a risk of attack vectors being exploited via shared hosting. According to the phrase: “Good fences make good neighbors,” and your own dedicated server is that the final “fence.”

Website Blacklisting:

Shared servers introduce a motivating risk vector: there’s an opportunity that Google and different search engines can blacklist your websites as a result of some other person on the server engaged in felonious or discouraged practices like spamming.

Dangerous neighbors on a shared server will get the whole information processing address blacklisted, making your websites go invisible.

Having your website on a managed dedicated server, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get blacklisted – unless your organization engages in unethical or felonious web practices.

Server Performance and Response Time:

On shared hosting, sudden bursts of internet traffic may drain the server’s restricted bandwidth resources. This ends up in slow response times and slow website loading times. This, in turn, frustrates your website’s visitors as well as your employees.

If your neighbor suddenly and unexpectedly gets famous, you’re stuck in exceedingly huge traffic with obscurity to travel.

This same tie up the state of affairs is extremely unlikely on an ardent server. Since you’re not sharing resources on an ardent server, you’ll figure your server to be extremely responsive with adequate information measure after you would like it.

Website Control:

Shared hosting means less management required and hence less control. The hosting company ultimately holds the keys to the complete website domain and makes appropriate selections on your behalf.

Whereas hosting organizations do their best to keep things running flawlessly, several organizations need additional granular management over however precisely their server is employed.

managed dedicated server


A dedicated server offers an excellent deal of custom choices and settings. Your organization can have a full hold over the server management. You’ll add your most well-liked programs, applications, and scripts to satisfy your operational needs.

Dedicated servers provide tremendous latitude to regulate your operational flexibility and security – which is extremely useful for several businesses with the requisite data and skills.


Conclusion :

If you’ve got plans to not invest much in hosting services, just opt for the shared hosting platform and ” How Managed Dedicated Server Is Better Than Anyone Else In 2020 ?” will care about high costs but want maximum website stability, security, and management flexibility, you should surely go for a managed dedicated server.


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