Ideal Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Enterprise Cloud Hosting In 2018

Over 60% of enterprises currently use cloud-based services. Migration permits them to chop capital cost, decrease internal IT burdens and offers them the scalable resources to carry out large-scale operations, like big data analyses, cost-effectively. If that sounds appealing, one among the items you’ll ought to notice is that the right hosting provider. Here, we’ve mentioned an inventory of the features you need to explore from an enterprise cloud hosting provider.


  1. High-Availability & Nice Performance

One of your primary reasons for moving to the cloud is to enhance your IT capabilities. Central to this will be an environment which provides outstanding performance and high-availability. Before selecting a supplier, always contemplate the infrastructure they provide.


If you’re trying to find long term stability, availability, high performance and nice tractability, go for a Hyper-V virtualization platform. Its hyper-converged architecture, state of the art technology and host-level clustering provide redundancy, self-healing and superfast SSD-accelerated storage. Protected against from server failure, your mission-critical applications will be available 100% of the time. Look for a hosting provider that provides 100% Uptime, bonded by SLA.

Ideal Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Enterprise Cloud Hosting In 2018 1


  1. WebHosting (Technical) Support

A major thought once trying to find an enterprise host solution is that 24/7, expert, technical support comes as a part of the package. One among the explanations is that there’ll be a split between the IT tasks carried out; you ought to manage your applications while the service provider takes care of the hardware, virtualization software, server observance, OS and any patching.


With such a split, it’s very important that the supplier and also the client have 24/7 accessible communication channels wherever skilled, technical help will be given. These channels ought to include telephone, email, live chat and ticket.


  1. Scalability

Enterprises are collecting and analyzing data in ever greater volumes and using it for a wider range of purposes. One among the major advantages of enterprise cloud hosting is that it provides the scalability companies need to perform these resource-hungry operations on demand. Whether or not you’re having a peak in web traffic or running a big data analysis, you need a host which will offer the resources you wish.


Rest of the good thing about cloud computing is that any further resources you need ought to be charged for on a pay-as-you-go basis: you merely pay for what you utilize. Financially, this could be really affordable way to operate.


  1. Compliance and Security

Security breaches may cause devastating consequences for enterprises and failure to comply with the increasing raft of regulations which may result in heavy fines, the new GDPR regulation, as an example, will fine up to $20 million or four of annual world turnover.

Ideal Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Enterprise Cloud Hosting In 2018 2


To give you the simplest protection, notice a service supplier that takes security and compliance seriously. As an example, explore for Next Generation advanced firewalls that offer intrusion prevention systems and in-flow virus protection so threats will be detected and obscure before they reaching to the server.


For compliance, ensure your supplier is ISO 27001 accredited and that, if you store sensitive data or have a complex configuration that needs stricter controls, offers bespoke order processing agreements to confirm that any data they process on your behalf is treated in a way that keeps you compliant.


  1. Provider Reputation

Before selecting a cloud provider, we suggest you that you simply research the company’s online reputation. With numerous reviews offered online, this should be simple to do. You’ll notice client feedback on sites like Facebook, TrustPilot or Google.


Past and current customers’ views will provide you with the actual insight into the company, including any problems with their services.


  1. Migration Assistance

While the advantages of migrating to the cloud can be enormous, the migration itself can be a challenge. If not handled properly, there could be disruption to your services, compatibility problems between the new OS and your applications and problems maintaining operations whereas transferring your data.

Ideal Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Enterprise Cloud Hosting In 2018 3



A service provider must be able to offer you with skilled guidance and assistance during the migration method, including the planning stage. They will be able to point out potential issues, offer suggestions and help with the particular move, guaranteeing it takes place with success.


  1. Cost

Every enterprise must take cost into consideration; however, the highest priority is the long-term advantages any provide to your business. In general, enterprise cloud hosting is far less costly than making and running your own knowledge centre. There’s no need for capital expenditure on hardware, no premises to maintain and IT staff can be freed up to work on additional productive tasks.


Keep in mind that not all cloud suppliers offers the same sorts or quality of service. Lower pricing doesn’t always mean the best deal; you might not get an equivalent level of technical support team or the standard of hardware. These items cost a great deal and if you want the best solution for your business, it might be price paying a little extra for them.



Enterprise cloud hosting is right for those businesses that want to take advantage of big data, IoT, AI and machine learning. It provides all the IT resources they have to carry out those tasks and can do so thus with speedy deployment. However, the key to doing it with success is to confirm that the cloud solution company you utilize has everything you wish to make your migration successful.