Importance of Server Speed and How It Affects Revenues

Speed is important: in all ways, in all businesses, and in fact, for the whole world! Do you have a slow-loading website? If yes, then you are literally choking the breaths of your ever-growing revenues by your own hands. Nowadays, if you want faster-growing revenues then you have to master in the equation of content and fast loading site. The website loading speed is the time taken by a web page to show up completely on the screen after the browser accesses it.

A lot of surveys show the same thing: website-loading speed matters a lot while bringing the traffic and catching attention. The website’s speed is of utmost importance and therefore, a slow loading website easily frustrates your customers.



Slow website = Low revenues

Importance of Server Speed and How It Affects Revenues 1



It is a no-brainer that the slower loading websites have a bigger bounce rate and poor sales. A window of 3 to 6 seconds is all you have got to impress your visitors and turning them into customers. If your website is not going to load in 3 to 6 seconds, then they will leave you! A slow-loading website not just decreases your sales, but also, leaves a negative mark of your business in the visitors’ mind.


How can the speed of your website increase the revenue?

Shopzilla brand, a very popular one, managed to generate 12% more revenues by merely boosting their website loading speed and hence reducing the time from 6 seconds to a shocking 1.2 seconds!

Now, everyone knows that Google maintains the records of your website loading time. It is also one of the factors to rank websites apart from other organic ones.

If your website speed increases every second then you are able to earn 2% of conversion rate easily. Giant brands like Amazon, Mozilla, Yahoo, and Shopzilla have witnessed a great revenue boost by making their website load in less than 3 seconds.


Exactly how fast your webpage should be?

Importance of Server Speed and How It Affects Revenues 2



If you want visitors to come and stay, then the rulebook mentions the speed of fewer than 3 seconds! This is possible only when your server is strong and fast enough.

If you can show your website within 5 seconds, it still stands a fair chance of being seen.

If the loading speed is under 10 seconds, then the chances are sparse, but not gone yet.

But, if your website loads after 10 seconds, you are in deep trouble! You are reducing the chances of conversions and rankings as well. The more time it takes, the lesser revenues you generate. The equation is directly proportional.

You can choose specific performance measurement tools from several options available in the market. These tools can help you find out the problems with your website performance and provide you with the necessary suggestions to improvise. You or your developer can tweak the codes to receive faster responses. Although, you still need a powerful hosting supplier so that the application loads quickly and hence the speed of your site increases.


Importance of a fast server for a faster loading website


The architecture of your web pages, hosting servers, and databases play an important role in deciding the speed of the website. Your web hosting service can upgrade or downgrade your website ranking.

There are two main kinds of hosting services available and they are shared and dedicated hosting services.

Shared hosting, as the name suggests is shared by different people, and hence it is inexpensive with limited resources. The websites with less traffic can be easily managed with shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting is dedicated to a single website, it has more resources and performance. High traffic websites need dedicated servers.


Importance of Server Speed and How It Affects Revenues 3



Nowadays, businesses are understanding the importance of the speed and hence they are choosing dedicated servers for it. Several critical online businesses shall reap the benefits of robust dedicated servers.

The shared hosting may seem cheap, but the cheapest ones have lots of websites on a shared server and hence then the speed becomes a big issue. Shared hosting can’t give you optimum potential as several sites are sharing the resources. For your business, it is advisable to have a dedicated server as it can help in improving your website’s ranking in search engines.


Consider the below advantages of dedicated servers

  •  faster loading websites

The configuration matters a lot and the dedicated servers are configured to provide faster speed and execute the processes in an agile manner.

Dedicated servers can provide a more reliable bandwidth, infrastructure, and resources in comparison to other hosting services. A dedicated server can help you in achieving faster speed for your website.


  • Increase the security of your site

Safety is the major concern for everyone today. Even the common people understand that the security is the factor not to compromise for. The websites which have a poor code and are on a shared hosting server, are more vulnerable to hacking. It is better to include the security aspect by making the code robust and putting the site on a dedicated server.


  • Increase the traffic handling capacity

Having a high-traffic website can usually witness sudden traffic spikes. Shared resources may cause problems. Therefore, dedicated servers can handle heavy loads of traffic without giving hiccups to your website. If your website has a strong code and server then you are able to handle lots of problems very smoothly.


To Conclude:

Rather, if you choose the best for your website, it will prevent a lot of issues from coming. These were the vital points for having a speedy server and how it contributes to having a faster loading website.