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What’s New In This Year For Web Hosting?

What’s new in 2019 for Web Hosing_

2018 was quite a good year for new and web hosting companies to showcase their infrastructure and services for digital businesses. The hosting business has come a long way from shared hosting right through to VPS and dedicated, and finally cloud hosting. This technology has gained significant traction across a wide range of verticals and businesses globally. Businesses are no longer looking at cloud solutions as cost-reducing technology, but as a crucial driver for generating greater business success through brand hosting and increased revenues. Moving forward, we are going to look at significant innovation in the world of web hosting in 2019, and years to come.


Let’s have a look at some of the trends for web hosting in 2019


#1. Zero carbon footprint or green hosting


With billions of users over the web, it has become imperative for web hosting companies to take a greener route whilst deploying web hosting infrastructure and providing these services to billions of users across the globe. Datacenters do consume a lot of power to keep the infrastructure and servers running on a 24/7 basis. All this power is drawn from power plants at the cost of degrading the quality of the environment around us and destroying our ecosystem.

Thus, web hosts need to consider alternate sources of hosting websites through eco-friendly hardware, and data centers need to adopt renewable sources of energy to keep the entire process efficient. This was a trend that came into existence in 2017, and has continued to move through 2018, and shall be seen in 2019 as well.


#2. Cloud Computing & Virtualization




It has been predicted that cloud hosting will soon proliferate across the entire globe and capture more market than its predecessors or hardware counterparts. The web hosting business has started capitalizing on this technology through enhanced performance, high security, greater uptime, and more. Hosting in the cloud makes it easy for customers to gain access of their data from anywhere around the globe.

Individual center online stores can deploy their business on cloud servers and scale it whenever they want to. It is this flexibility that makes a cloud platform powerful and efficient for individuals and companies to leverage upon. Through high redundancy and added security, your data stays safe at a fraction of the cost.  


#3. Hardware Upgrades


There’s huge competition in the market when it comes to memory, CPU’s, and storage. The need to gain significant customer traction has led them to decrease web hosting prices by huge margins whilst upgrading their hardware and infrastructure for enhanced performance and security. Advanced processor, higher memory banks (RAM) and high-performance SSD’s are integrated with every web hosting plan by web hosting providers. Web hosts have understood business and customer requirements and thus have become extremely transparent on the type of technology they adopt and provide for customers.




#4. Greater Security


There have been huge amounts of security breaches in the last couple of years leading to crucial data theft and loss. This has led to web hosts being extremely diligent in integrating the best security hardware and solutions in their server network. There have been numerous instances of data violations in 2018, and global service providers are taking huge steps to make sure, all customer data is kept safe behind firewalls and antivirus software. For example, the use of an SSL certificate has become almost mandatory for all website owners to gain trust and authority in search engines and keep transactions secure over the web.


#5. Data Redundancy


As mentioned earlier, data is the crux of every business, and it needs to be kept safe from every exterior threat. As a protocol, web hosts have moved to a redundant topology wherein multiple copies of data are stored on redundant networks to ensure efficient data backups in real-time. There are billions of websites on the web, and companies leverage the power of data to run their businesses globally. In the advent of data theft or natural calamity, web hosts need to think of contingency solutions to keep every byte of data secure so that it can be retrieved through modern disaster recovery infrastructure and skills.


Final Thoughts


Web hosting will move one step closer to better performance, security, and scalability in 2019 with cloud hosting as a major deliverable for millions of websites and businesses globally. It will also move a step closer to eco-friendly technology to conserve our natural ecosystem and reduce the effects of pollution caused by power-hungry datacenters with green hosting.


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