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Why Online Gaming Companies Need Dedicated Server

Why Online Gaming Companies Need Dedicated Server 1

A Relation between Gaming and Dedicated Servers

The gaming industry is vast. The game sphere once was crowded only with teenagers has now grown widely to encompass almost everyone. With the advent of newer technologies, the online gaming has evolved from a simple website with flash games to virtual games being played globally. With the rise in the gaming industry, the more advanced and tremendously popular gaming servers are expected to execute at a more optimized level. Dedicated servers are proving to be the best choice for a good gaming experience. How?
Let’s dive into what are dedicated gaming servers are and why the online gaming companies are in need of dedicated servers?

Let’s first get introduce with Gaming Server and Dedicated Server.

Gaming Server

The gaming servers are the servers that are used to host various games. Have you ever played an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game? If yes, then you must have connected to a gaming server.
However, many of the gaming servers end up being limited. Instead of playing a kind of game you want to play multiple but you entirely get stuck in playing in a much-customized environment.
Sometimes you want a bit of customization and hold over your gaming environment. This is where dedicated gaming servers come into the scene.

Dedicated Gaming Server

A gaming server is a dedicated server with a necessary amount of hardware as well as resources which can run the game effortlessly without any interruptions. Many games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft won’t allow the person to charge people to play a game as the game is the property of gaming company itself.
On the other hand, if you have a private server, you can play a version of a game that differs from the official, and you can even charge people to play the game.

Why there is need of a Gaming Server?

Well, the online games are simply fun.
World of Warcraft is a strategy building game whereas Minecraft is like Legos for adults. More the players involved in it, more the fun it can be.

To have multiple people involved in the game with you, you either need a server at your home, or you need a dedicated server. Using a dedicated server, you can play with your friends no matter where ever they are, as long as they have their computer as well as a good internet connection.

Dedicated Servers in Gaming Industry

The popularity of online games sees the boom with the advances in broadband technology and the game themselves. There are many games which demand massive space on the server; however a player remote-hosting the game often has lower latency. Playing on a hosted dedicated server try avoiding the issue and experiences a superior performance and lower latency giving 24*7*365 access across different time zones.
How Dedicated Servers help the gaming companies
Ever felt overloading or frequent game crash while playing your favorite game online? What’s the solution?

Dedicated gamer IP
Dedicated Server For Gamer

Enter a Dedicated Server… Here are the key benefits:

1. Using dedicated servers can highly minimize the server load as the admin can manage the players to log in to the server at one time. Well, this does an excellent job of controlling latency and reducing lag as well as ensures it does not get overloaded.
2. A dedicated server act as a great way of creating a private playground where you can play with your friends and online allies.
3. A dedicated server allows matchless customization. The admin is a sole controller and can set the rules for players. Want to battle on specific maps? Sure. Want to have rounds of half an hour? Go ahead. Want to prevent your enemy from getting weapons? Fire away. Well, the point is, the choice is yours entirely!

Hosting Support for the Gaming Business

Ever got crashed while playing World of Warcraft (WOW)? Well, it is the right time to upgrade to dedicated server hosting provider.
Gaming Business is growing at a fast pace. Many companies offer hosting services to the game providers. Well, selecting the right game hosting provider is a pretty much a difficult task.
A game hosting provider with robust and reliable customer support is always a front-runner for selection. It is very much essential to make sure that the game hosting provider has the best customer support meaning able to solve the technical issues 24/7. With the prompt response by the hosting company technical team, the server downtime can be reduced at its best.


A dedicated server is a need of an hour for online gaming business because of its quick expertise in managing the gaming industry. Well, playing a game online is fun but hosting a gaming server is not at all fun. It takes a great deal of diligence, expertise, and determination. If done correctly, it can be a great business opportunity as well. With the help of dedicated servers, it is only a matter of building a smooth environment that is capable of supporting and fulfilling the demand for massive online game players. Also if the gaming companies find a right dedicated server hosting provider, they can focus on increasing number of players instead of maintaining their servers.

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