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What is a Shared Web Hosting Plan?

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Shared hosting is nothing but a hosting arrangement in which many websites hosted on a single web server known as a shared server. Putting it simply it means all the resources related to server eg. bandwidth, web space, databases, FTP’s, Memory are shared by several websites. In Fact, there is no actual count of websites hosted on one single server hosted by a web hosting company. This number could be in thousands. Due to the sharing of resources is the main reason behind why this type of hosting is available at cost-effective rates. With sharing Resources you also have to share the

computer processor and server maintenance charges as well.shared hosting


Advantages of Shared Hosting Plans :

-Shared hosting gives us lots of features some of them are as Follows :


The shared server hosting package is quite economical compared to dedicated server hosting packages and both hosting and VPS server, and this is suitable for small business websites. Usually shared hosting costs around  $1 to $10/month

-Hosting service company generally look after the server management and administration related tasks. I.e. Website owner doesn’t need to care about any server related task.


You do need to have any technical expertise as all the tasks taken cared by the web hosting service provider so you don’t have to be expertise while choosing a shared hosting plan.

-You will have an easy to use control panel tool so that you can handle your hosting account and website management related tasks.

-You will be offered by multiple email account for website domain name so that you can create emails for your business

-You will get multiple databases options for shared hosting providers

-You will be offered with MySQL, MSSQL as well as support for PHP.

24*7 support by expert via various modes like chat, mail, calling etc. and you can contact helpdesk team for any kind of help whether it is regarding technical issues or website related queries.




Disadvantages of shared website hosting plans:

One of the biggest troubles that web server faces is as given below

-Shared web server is generally major targets to hacking-related attempts.server hosting


-Any type of spam or malicious activity due to other websites hosted on the same server will damage the entire server and it will create issues for your websites also. With cybercrime rising on a daily basis, it is necessary to make sure that your website is secured. Unfortunately, security is another critical aspect of shared hosting. Perhaps this problem has been accelerated by the freedom webmasters receive from hosting companies.

-Performance of your website can also be an issue in shared hosting. Your web page may face laziness by the requests for server resources by other web pages because of the resource sharing between other websites on the same server.

-You may have to face resources restriction as every single website on the server utilize the same CPU power, RAM and hardware as well, Server may get overwhelmed by demands or load which can make it crash. In shared hosting server arrangement, you may have very fewer features and advantages compared to VPS Hosting or dedicated servers.

-You won’t be authorized to install software, applications that may wish to use for your website and you will only use applications offered by your host.

-Few web hosts won’t offer customer support as well as available in a dedicated or VPS hosting arrangement.

You may have to face uptime related issues.


Before you choose your host, the main factor is cost, so at the end of the blog we would like to recommend that if you are looking for a small business hosting plan then shared hosting is the plan that you are looking for, But If you have to use it for banking purposes or for any big any heavy site then  you should prefer the bigger plan or dedicated server.


If you are a  New Bloggers, Why Shared WordPress Hosting is the Best Option for you that you are looking for a reliable WordPress shared hosting, I would recommend that you opt for CloudHostWorld, which is officially recommended by the WordPress community.

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