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2018 Best Strategy For – Email Marketing

2018 Best Strategy For - Email Marketing 1

Email Marketing is a marketing approach where commercial messages are sent to potential or current customers using email. Usually, emails are used to send an advertisement, request business, spread awareness. Email marketing evolved rapidly alongside technological advancement in the late 21st century.

Earlier it was difficult to adequately define the target market. However, with the advent of email marketing, this difficulty has been overcome as it allows the marketers to identify the returns of their investments and henceforth to accurately measure the efficiency of their business campaign. It also allows marketers to get feedback from users in real time.

If your goal is to build an effective marketing strategy then Email Marketing is a cornerstone for you. Sometimes to be successful it is necessary to discard old tactics and consider a fresh approach. Below are some tips that can help you in making a successful business strategy using email marketing for the year 2018 and beyond. However, it is to be kept in mind that these strategies are to be developed as time goes by.

2018 Best Strategy For - Email Marketing 2

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email marketing is synonymous with newsletters. For better understanding here is quick definition: An email newsletter is mainly an email that is sent at regular intervals to an existing mailing list to inform the recipients of information regarding a business of sort, its relevant industries etc. Newsletters are effective but to remain so it must have an engaging content for your clientele.

Thus email marketing is more than just newsletter.

One-Off Email :

These are typically used to send an advertisement about an event, or promotion of some special offers, etc. To your subscribers wherever relevant. The main goal here is to stimulate an action. For example, if a subscriber makes a purchase you may want to send them a simple thank you email. These are perfect for provider-customer relations.

Automated Emails

In this case, an email or a series of emails is sent to the subscriber depending on their behavior, i.e. signing up by filling a form, purchasing a product, etc. This is also an excellent plan for public relations.

Strong Content

Last but not the least is a strong content. Many small businesses get stuck on this. Having a strong content is always important because no matter what – “Content is King”.

Be it selling directly to a consumer or to a business, email marketing is always the best option. This helps in maintaining a good post-sales relation, stimulate additional sales, and nurture your leads and eventually transforming them into your client list.

Having a strong Email Marketing plan would certainly mean having a strong content. Some examples of contents that can be added are:

2018 Best Strategy For - Email Marketing 3

  • Educational contents, like, answers to some frequently asked questions, tips, and tricks, etc.
  • Inspirational contents, like, success stories, case studies, etc.
  • Entertainment contents, like, funny sketches, etc.
  • Promotional contents, like, sales, coupons, etc.

All things considered, it is not worth planning and strategizing if we do not put it into action, and for that, we need to get organized. Thus, an organized email marketing plan is important. The table below can give us a fair idea of how, when and what to send for a successful email marketing campaign.

Email type Target Content Frequency
Newsletters for clients Clients ➔        New blog posts

➔        New features

➔        Exclusive promotions

Twice per month
Newsletters for leads Leads ➔        New blog posts

➔        Incentives to become a customer

Twice per month
One-off emails All subscribers ➔        Events & workshops

➔        Case studies

Whenever relevant
Automated emails Individuals who create a free account ➔        FAQ answers Once per week for as long needed

However, it is to be kept in mind that this table is only a format of how to organize. It is susceptible to changes when and where required.
email marketing

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Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors.

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