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Bitninja- The Perfect Security Suite To Defend Your Web Servers in 2022

As technology progresses for the good, it has also progressed for the bad. In this article, we are going to refer the bad as server vulnerabilities caused by Malwares, Honeypots, Unauthorized Intrusion, & DDoS attacks. There are tons of crucial data over the web that needs constant protection from hacking, malware attacks, data theft, and more.

This is where Bitninja steps in, this is a completely new breed of server security software that guarantees zero compromised servers through minimal human intelligence or management. At cloudhostworld, we make sure your website and data are secure at all times through one of the most advanced security defense systems in the world-Bitninja.

Bitninja- The Perfect Security Suite To Defend Your Web Servers creates an extremely powerful global defense network for thousands of web servers that adds a counter-offensive on any attack that is detected in the network.

Why is Bitninja so effective?


Bitninja- The Perfect Security Suite
Why is Bitninja so effective?

Before we transcend further into the technicalities of Bitninja, let us understand the scope of Bitninja.

Bitninja is a comprehensive set of tools packaged into one software that works on a 24/7 basis to protect an entire server network from dreadful server attacks. It uses machine learning and smart AI to detect, quarantine, and destroy malicious files or traffic in the fastest time possible. Every module is built to counter various attacks and preserve your data reputation.


A honeypot can be termed as a trap to detect unauthorized attacks. It mimics cyber attacks and lures attackers into a system using applications and data that simulate the real network. Honeypots are used to monitor cybercriminals and their sources.

With Bitninja, users can understand the pattern on how attackers think and operate, and thus it opens up various ports to reveal malicious IP’s in the network, once detected, they are greylisted by Bitninja, and are quarantined for removal or to be destroyed.  A web honeypot works on the same principle as a port honeypot, the only difference being it monitors web applications and content management systems or CMS on the server.

Malware Detection

The Malware Detection system is combined with the legacy detection system to increase the threat detection levels by a great margin. Bitninja uses an advanced proactive algorithm to identify vulnerabilities for file uploads, SQL injections, remote malware injections & more. With perpetual malware definition updates, users can rest assured their system stays powerful against dreadful network attacks.

Behavior Analysis

Cybersecurity has integrated itself with technologies like machine learning or artificial intelligence to identify and solve cybersecurity problems. Applying machine learning as behavior analysis can identify user traffic, location, patterns, and various other parameters to identify malware triggered red flags. Behavior analysis mainly comprises of machine learning algorithms and applications that use terms like –

  • Supervised and Unsupervised data
  • Large data sets
  • Missing labeled data
  • Clusters
  • Security Rule Sets
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Malware Detection
  • Spam Detection
  • Entity Classification…and more

 Intrusion Detection

Bitninjas Web Application Firewall module is designed for inbound and outbound traffic that perpetually scans your application for SQL injection, remote file inclusion, cross-site scripting, unauthorized file uploads and more. With an extremely low false-positive rate, Bitninja delivers proactive security with regular definition updates and firewall rules.

With a stringent rule set and a no configuration setting, users do not have to waste time on setting up the WAF module. It is compatible with various web servers like NginX, Apache, TomCat, NodeJS, and more.

The log analysis algorithm checks the complete system for prior attacks and creates a log to greylist any malicious entity.

DDoS Mitigation


DDoS Mitigation
DDoS Mitigation


An advanced DDoS algorithm monitors various incoming and outgoing connections for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. Bitninja does not block the entire source but greylists the malicious IP that is associated with the source. As Bitninja is compatible with every web application server, web hosting companies or clients do not have to replace their existing server applications.

Bitninja analyzes the latest threats and protects the server from DDoS attacks by creating a defense wall and analyzing millions of IP’s integrated with honeypots to learn more about the latest threats before they even reach the server.

Bitninja’s AI keeps a watch on all the software modules. If one module seems to be malfunctioning or overloading, it uses an Anti flood algorithm to reduce overloading on any of the modules and keeps them running at optimized workloads.

IP Intelligence

Bitninja uses a CAPTCHA to differentiate between humans and bots. As soon as a bot is detected it is blocked and greylisted through stringent validation of various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and even SMTP. IP reputation is verified through a global defense shield that delivers exceptional protection by scanning millions of IP’s. If an IP generates thousands of requests at one time, then that IP is blacklisted. An easy to use Dashboard is used to blacklist and whitelist IP’s based on the whitelist and blacklist management.

In conclusion,

At cloudhostworld, we provide best-in-class server security using Bitninja as a service. ” Bitninja- The Perfect Security Suite To Defend Your Web Servers“Server Security has never been more prudent. It has made server companies more secure than ever before. We’ve managed to keep all our customers safe and secure through a centralized defense system that is so sophisticated, that it can handle any server attack whilst providing the best possible outcome for server security.