24*7 Hosting Support

What’s the importance of 24*7 Unbeatable Support in hosting industry?

A website going down can cause serious problems for your business. Imagine the horror of looking at a screen that says “Site not Found” or  “Could not connect to Server”.

Wouldn’t that bring chills down your spine if you’ve got a successful brand or business depending on your website to get more visibility and sales? As you all know, a site is hosted on a server, and there’s a support that’s required to keep your website up and running at all times.

It gets all the worse when you’re technically incapable of solving the problem and need instant help to solve your hosting problems. This is where 24/7 hosting support is absolutely crucial to managing your server network.

Be it a few servers or a huge network, downtime is downtime, it cannot be termed otherwise. There are significant benefits whilst considering 24/7 support as a true necessity rather than an option to keep your business online and garner perpetual revenues.


Importance #1

Quick Diagnosis of Hosting Breakdowns


If there’s a catastrophic server breakdown and your website goes completely out of visibility or offline, then users would not be able to access your website as it would fail to ping the server.

This could happen due to many things, physical hardware failure, malware or network attacks through DDoS, Ransomware, Trojan Horses, or more. Or it could merely be an outdated software on your server that could cause all the confusion to get you running.

What’s the importance of 24*7 Unbeatable Support in hosting industry? 1


You might want to focus on your business rather than breaking your head to solve technical server issues, and that too if you can solve them!. Through managed or 24/7 hosting support, you have the leverage to contact your web host through various sources like email, phone support, & chat.

Once you’ve got 24/7 hosting Support at your disposal, you can rest assured your website gets back online in a matter of minutes. That’s where rapid diagnosis is absolutely vital.


Importance #2


High-performance server tuning


You’ll need your server tuned to optimized values whilst running a high traffic website or online store. It depends on the type of traffic that’s moving towards your website and the location of the traffic as well. Your server has to be capable to handle an instant traffic surge based on what kind of offers you’ve got on your website. If it’s a discount sale or a festive offer,

Chances are you’re bound to get hit with a flurry of visitors who would like to buy from your website.

The whole thing could fall apart for you if your website keeps crashing during payments or checkouts. This could mean the end of the world for your website on a given day, and your visitors would rather consider moving on to your competition.

Bad! Isn’t it. Well, don’t let that happen. Get yourself robust hosting support that solves your problems in a jiffy, and stays with you as a friend, rather than a client.

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Importance #3

Why be slow when you can grow


A full blown hosting support system can help users grow their business efficiency through the integration of new technology over your existing one.

A 24/7 hosting support service helps clients gain knowledge about new technology and plans that can be replaced with the older ones to gain higher performance, agility, and earn better revenues through modern operational strategies and technology.

This makes the whole hosting experience cost-effective and creates a win-win situation for you.


Importance #4

Keep your servers safe and secure

 What’s the importance of 24*7 Unbeatable Support in hosting industry? 2


Any form of online attacks can lead to heavy losses in web traffic and revenues. In the present day, it is said that technology is innovating for good, but there’s always a flip-side, and thus there are events, situations, and people who are taking to a negative level in terms of malicious codes, virus attacks, SQL injection, and more.

There’s always someone who wants to destroy or steal something from the web. It could be your website, or anyone else’s for that matter. Who knows!

That’s where a 24/7 hosting support army steps in and takes control of your situation and mitigates all your worries of server vulnerabilities that can cause extreme chaos for your business.


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In Conclusion


24/7 hosting support serves as a pillar for customers who have their website hosted on various servers around the globe. If you’re a newbie who wants to host a website on a server, be sure to choose web hosts who hold a strong team & conscience when it comes 24/7 support for you.

Getting your issues sorted out in a matter of minutes and paying a bit more is way better than suffering the wrath of losing customers and revenue by paying less for a very cheap web hosting company.