Patchman- As a service

Patchman Server Security – as a service

In the last five years, the quantum of sites over the web has increased multi-fold. It is imperative for individuals, enterprises, and web hosting companies to monitor their websites for malware, automate the entire workflow, patch CMS or website vulnerabilities.

That’s where Patchman Server Security delivers stringent protection against website vulnerabilities and malware penetration. With regular updates and new technology, Patchman offers comprehensive security for CMS platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce.

For a secure and better customer experience, web hosting companies are turning to Patchman to secure their servers and applications over the web. The integration of Patchman for eCommerce makes it easier for businesses to run safely across a global customer base.

With Patchman, it is easy to run diagnostics, keep the server running without any interruptions, and add to a very low-cost overhead.


Patchman Explained & why is it required?




As the name suggests, Patchman patches website vulnerabilities over the web even before it hits the website(s). Patchman mostly focuses on securing CMS websites and protect customers from vulnerabilities or malware and update their CMS platform or applications to make it more secure. Patchman began securing CMS websites that were built in Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal, but now it has moved to a more complex aspect of securing eCommerce websites and applications that require perpetual updates for core vulnerabilities.


With significant growth in cybercrime on an annual basis, it is imperative we protect our eCommerce assets from vulnerabilities and malware attacks. This software easily integrates itself with other security applications to carry out deep scans for quarantine and cleaning of compromised eCommerce assets.

As many of the websites run on outdated CMS versions, most of the websites are vulnerable to dreadful attacks, this could lead to expensive security breaches through data theft DDoS attacks, spam & phishing, & more.

At cloudhostworld, we keep your CMS websites safe behind stringent firewalls and run the latest patches and diagnostics through Patchman. If your website does not have the necessary patches, it will scan for the new ones and reinforce your website with the new ones through backporting.


Vulnerability Patching 


An intelligent AI fixes security patches for outdated CMS websites through the process of backporting, wherein it scans your website for vulnerabilities and patches it with new releases by overwriting the earlier ones.


Malware Protection



Millions of sites are infected by critical malware like DDoS attacks, spam & phishing, & more. Patchman is built to be easy on systems and human operation.

It is incredibly easy to use web app that scans your system and detects malicious files or scripts and then gets them quarantined to keep your website safe and running at all times.

The best part of the scan is, it never gets your website offline. Users can access your website whilst the scanning continues.


Perpetual Notifications


Our security experts educate and integrate new patches through perpetual notifications for clients, and keep them updated about outdated versions or newer versions to keep their system updated and safe.


Process Automation


The entire Patchman system can be automated to run on its own without any human interference. Once all the security rules and policies are set, Patchman runs automatically to patch vulnerabilities for your client websites, quarantine malicious code, and notify users about their site situation.


Easy to use Dashboard  


Get all the analytics for your security on a single dashboard. A single page interface delivers comprehensive data and insights. The Patchman software integrates with popular control panels like Plesk, cPanel, & more.


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In Conclusion           


Patchman is a powerful vulnerability patching application that takes care of your CMS web applications resulting in maximum security from malware intrusion, DDoS & SPAM attacks, & more.

With this application, clients can keep their CMS sites up and running, generate revenue, and cut security costs by an exceptional margin.