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Busting Common Myths Regarding Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Busting Common Myths Regarding Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 1

A dedicated server is an alluring option for a brand new website owner or for somebody thinking of upgrading from shared hosting.

However, there are varieties of myths about managed dedicated servers. Taking time in understanding these myths can help you identify if a dedicated server is indeed a feasible option for you. It might additionally change you not to set unrealistic expectations.

So, let’s bust some common managed dedicated server myths!

Myth 1: You’ve got to pay plenty for managed dedicated server hosting

managed dedicated server hosting

It is true that in the earlier days, dedicated servers were costly. However, right now, you can find a variety of small businesses using dedicated servers to host their web site. Advancements in technology have made dedicated servers quite cheap for the traditional website owner.

Myth 2: You cannot depend on managed dedicated server hosting

Another huge worry for people considering dedicated server hosting is dependability. This might appear like the case for somebody moving from managing their own servers to dedicated server hosting.

However, this is not true. If you select the proper plan for your website according to your necessities, there’s hardly any reason to worry. Moreover, most hosting providers sign an agreement for 24/7 service and support.

Myth 3: Managed Dedicated Server means no more control on your servers

If you wish to control your website, you can go for it. You can choose which controls you would like to use or which you don’t want to

. There are totally different levels of customization available, which really is an alternative you can choose. Just in case you prefer a more hands-free approach, that’s also possible.

The managed dedicated server providers will give the additional required support.

Myth 4: Low value is that the best choice

Getting a managed dedicated server for a low cost would possibly facilitate a bargain deal you sealed. However, in the future, such a low-cost option would possibly cause various performance and alternative problems.

Dedicated server options need costly hardware and therefore quality dedicated server options come at a better cost.

Myth 5: Technical knowledge is an absolutely necessity

dedicated servers

Basic knowledge regarding servers would make it simple for you to grasp. But, technical experience isn’t needed. This is because most dedicated server hosting provider gives sensible support. You’d be able to clear any doubts or queries from the support. Even with none technical background, you should be able to simply operate and create complete use of your dedicated server hosting plan.

Myth 6: A managed dedicated server and VPS are the identical

This is another common misunderstanding regarding dedicated servers. If you choose for a VPS (virtual non-private server), it might be far more secure option compared to shared hosting.

But your server space is still shared with others. On the other hand, a managed dedicated server is totally designed as per your wants and necessities.


So, here we’ve busted six commonest myths or misconceptions on Managed Dedicated Server. So, if you’re looking for a managed dedicated server, being aware of the above points will help you make a better selection!

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