Managed WordPress Hosting

Is Managed WordPress Hosting worth the extra 1-100$?

Managed WordPress Hosting In a Glance!

Along with its status as the website’s most popular self-hosted blogging platform. WordPress hosting, more importantly, managed WordPress hosting is a booming business nowadays. Many such providers offer feature-rich hosting packages built especially for WordPress users. However, the monthly fee goes up to seven times the cost of shared hosting. To say nothing of question is whether these extra features warrant the extra cost?

A few hosting basics

Firstly, let us look at what exactly this hosting is. Simply, web hosting is a service you need to have to store data and make your website accessible online, i.e. available to the people using the internet. You can also buy this service from a company. However, you have to know and understand your needs. Choose the best suited hosting package out of the thousands of such packages available in the market. Some packages will only give you a publicly accessible place to store your data. Others come with added features like security, performance, and general site management.

Now, what is WordPress Hosting?

Nowadays, most of the packages available are also considered as managed to an extent. This is because running a website is no easy feat. Anyone can create and run a WordPress-powered website. Very few have the necessary skills to manage that website.

Websites are always stored on computers. This means that every one of these websites has memory, a processor, a hard drive, ports that handle internet traffic. These factors need to be monitored as well as managed at an operating system level. Likewise, a bug in the internet traffic finally needs to be fixed in the second place. Malware, when and where found needs to be cleared. These are just a few equally important day-to-day hustle that goes into managing these websites, else your website will fall out of business.

Similarly hosting companies nowadays include all of these features in their packages. This is because most users have very little network and website management skills. Given the chance to do so, they will more often end up making a mess of things. The blame is placed on the hosts who will then be tasked with fixing their client’s messes. Thus adding these features help the companies to kill two birds with one stone. You may also call this type of management as service level management.

There is another type of managed hosting service called application-level management. This helps the users to perform many tasks on their servers like website backups, etc. Likewise, this is the branch of managed hosting service that the managed WordPress hosting services provider.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Is Managed WordPress Hosting worth the extra 1-100$? 1

Managed WordPress Hosting further offers a wide range of different features:


Similarly, this has been a very attractive feature of WordPress for some time now. To take it ones to step further, would be to add a security feature. That is automatically applied as it comes out in the same way as the WordPress version updates are added to the site. Advance notifications of such updates are also provided by some companies. Most of the hosts would enforce the current updated version of the platform because it is much more secure.


In the second place Because of its popularity, WordPress specialized hosts can make the backup procedure much faster, more efficient and more reliable. Additionally, having the host make regular backups also makes your site easier to restore should things go south. The host is also the perfect entity to understand the structure of WordPress. It becomes much easier if the host undertakes the backup procedures themselves.


Automatic WordPress setup is also a very popular feature that helps you to get your WordPress-powered website up and running in no time. Whenever you need a new site a complete WordPress install with all the necessary database connection will be created automatically. Besides your only job is to fill out a short form containing some admin and site details.


This is another great feature especially for developers and/or site managers. A staging environment is a perfect copy of your existing file. That is accessible only to you and is a great place for testing out new plugins or updating/modifying program codes before applying any changes to your live site.


Auto updates, secondly better support, and daily backups; all of these further contribute to security. There are a lot more behind the scene factors that go into managed hosting security. WordPress-specific hosts can monitor things more easily and react more quickly and efficiently than any other hosts do.


I addition to all of this while talking about SEO-friendly web hosts, then WordPress is the best option available. Also, keep in mind that ‘content is king’ in the SEO world. it is always in the first place. With WordPress, you can easily optimize your site to post new content regularly. Gain higher ranks in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Similarly, WordPress not only allows you to clean the codes but also customizes your images, permalinks and inbuilt RSS feeds. In addition to this, you can also keep track of all the activity on your site with ease through WP mediums.


WordPress has been adjudged as a popular web hosting theme. Also, WordPress hosting services are being used by millions of website users. Besides, you may not be sure of the way plugins operate, too. Also, sometimes, you need your site to load at a faster speed. Moreover, at times, you may wish to have support round-the-clock for addressing your queries and getting your work done on time. Moreover, you may not have time to tend to your endless WordPress queries.

Uniquely Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

Here is a walkthrough for some of the equally important Managed WordPress Hosting companies in the world:

Name Cheapest Package Support Types Security Extras
Cloud Host World $4/month 24×7 chat, phone support, Help desk Free SSL, Malware scanning, removal. Unlimited Domains, Diskspace, Bandwidth, SEO WP Plugins, 99.9% Server Uptime.
Flywheel $15/month Live chat, phone support, email Malware scanning, removal. Developer tools, automated backups, free migrations, built-in caching.
Kinsta $30/month 24/7 email Hardware firewalls, SSL support, DDoS detection, Uptime monitoring. Site staging area for developers.
DreamPress $16.95/month Live chat, phone support, email Web app firewall. Use any theme/plugin; optional cloud-backups; no bandwidth limits.
SiteGround €3.95/month Live chat, phone support, help desk Malware scanning, server-level monitoring, plugin audits. Built-in caching; free migrations.


When is it worth the extra price?


This is also very much dependent on your needs and your budget. If you can afford the extra pricing and you are running a WordPress based website, then go straight for a managed WordPress hosting service. Here I have tried to site some cases when managed WordPress is not your ideal choice.


In case you are running a quick test site or developing something online, you will not equally need the extra features that come with managed packages. In this case, it is not worth spending the extra bucks either.


In these cases, it is further advisable to start small and build. When in a tight budget or while setting up shop for the first time do try to save money early so that later on, as your business grows you can afford a managed package.


Sometimes websites even if they run on WordPress, in the same manner, some outlying code to it that the site cannot function without. In such scenarios, in the second place, identically it is better to use a high-quality general host that allows you to run anything freely.


Say you have a personal blog and you also have no intention of turning it into any kind of a business; in other words a website with very little traffic flow, you definitely will not need a managed WordPress hosting service; even if the website is WordPress based. besides the low-traffic website, there is no need of getting into extra costs.


Most of the hosts limit the number of sites furthermore you can have. However, WordPress will put no such limit on you, but you will have to show them some money of course. If all of these sites are making considerable money then you are all good to go. However, if it is not so, then be ready to pay per site and that sure will add up to quite a dough.

In such cases, in the second place it will be better not to opt for managed WordPress hosting for all of them; to say nothing of leaving the low-traffic ones to where they are and concentrate on the main ones.

To Conclude:

Thus, you can also say that if you are running a WordPress dedicated website with a lot of traffic and activities it is always best to opt for managed WordPress hosting. However, if anyone of the above five cases fit into your scene then refrain from a managed hosting as it will then really be an extra cost for no worth.

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