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Unlocking the Cloud – It’s Not Just for Big Business

Unlocking the Cloud – It’s Not Just for Big Business

Amateur or potential entrepreneurs fear bearing risks as they feel that business means heavy capital. Gone are the days when venturing into business meant you had a great sum of money from heredity or as savings in your pocket.

Today, it is as easy as sitting in a café or attic with your laptop and a steady internet. Novel entrepreneurs can have the whole world at their disposal thanks to the internet bringing the world closer.

Work from home and freelancing are on a rise owing to the shifting dynamics in work culture. Even a decade ago, it was not very favorable to have employees at home and work.

The concept of on-site working was still very much crucial. The same can be said for freelancing. Why is such a liberal setup noticed more and more in the new startups that we see? A pandora’s box called ‘Cloud Hosting’.


Cloud Hosting is the immediate access of data resources within an organization and out which deals with data management and storage as well that does not require physical keeping by any user.

It is a full-proof automated versatile server that can be owned as a private cloud computing by an organization. The most common notion that exists is that since it is completely automated and private it is only affordable for the big and established businesses.

Today, with the support of cloud hosting, new businesses are breathing and thriving in the business market. It saves not just manpower but also infrastructure. Any enterprise which can cut on capitalization on infrastructure reaps better results in the long run.

If you are thinking of establishing data management and storing option for your newly set up startup, then you might look at how cloud hosting can help you-

  • Flexible Work Culture

Cloud can host apps of the multitude. Not only you, but any employee that you authorise to be accessing the cloud for your company will be able to access it from any internet-enabled device.

Anyone with the application will be able to tune in and stay in touch. This makes working hours quite flexible as one does not have to only depend on completing a specific task in a specific period only. With that liberty comes the ease of working from home. This will easily bring down the requirement of on-site employees.

The scope for freelancers for employment will also see a big boost. With fewer numbers required on-site, they can be up to date with all the latest information on product availability, sales, customer updates, tracking the performance of employees etc.

  • Enhanced Team Productivity

Geography is no more a restriction with cloud hosting. You don’t have to think of employing people who live close by to carry out the outburst and unannounced work that every new startup has to face.

It will empower you to have onboard more freelancers who can connect via the same portal where all the work-related data is saved under respective projects.

The shared data can become easy to discuss without even having to come face to face with each other.



  • Easy on Wallet

Much of the IT workload will be taken care of by the hosting server itself. They will provide the hardware and power. Much of the work that dedicated servers for big companies carry out can be executed by cloud computing only.

This is a huge cost saver as even licensing costs are quite low. The best part is that is quite easy and quick to use. Unlike the servers in huge businesses that require purchasing the server hardware, then configuring it and installing the software, cloud hosting is simple.

Like everything else, it’s just a mere push on a button and you are good to go. It’s rather less expensive as well. Installing software would only be required if you will be using an app.

For any new business that is still picking up in the market, it would be excess of outflow for the company as there would be a spike in demand for a few main occasions and not always. Keeping that in mind, cloud hosting is a much better option.

  • Hi-tech

High Tech Cloud Computing

Cloud computing apps are mainly open source and free to use. This means that you can avail all these apps at the click of a button.

Many recent revolutionary technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so on can be deployed at ease as well. All of these technologies will help small businesses to gain insights and look for new opportunities.

They will help enhance product and service experience and better delivery mapping.

  • Safe and Sound

Data is safest in the voluntary custody of clouds. They come with encryption, next-gen firewalls, and malware scanners. The data remains protected. Moreover, it is perfect to store backup for servers.

You will have the liberty to choose when the backup can take place without any intrusion. The cloud-based backup system along with 24×7 technical customer support offered by the hosting provider, you will have no reasons to worry at all.

You do not have to be an internet wizard and be learned about the know-hows of internet safety.

Cloud hosting services are aiding the ongoing shift of digital transformation. Dedicated servers are not something that the new enterprises can think of investing in.

In today’s date and time, data is an absolute necessity. Storage and secured and permanent storage of such data are of utmost importance. New businesses can think of doing the unimaginable thanks to cloud hosting. Still, many potential entrepreneurs are not very sure of how they can go about hosting.

Cloud hosting is a great option not just for big companies but small ones as well. Everyone at the end of the day would not mind saving up some capital on infrastructure and rather focus it on enhancing the quality of their products and services.

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Cloud hosting is rejuvenating how business is done in the new age.

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