WordPress and Web Hosting Amidst Covid-19

WordPress and Web Hosting Amidst Covid-19

WordPress and Web Hosting Amidst Covid-19


The globe from the past few months is engulfed in the Corona captive. Covid-19 has pushed the pause and rewind button for the world. With pushed and rushed lockdowns around the world since February, anthropogenic activities are met with a severe jolt. Businesses especially were having a tough time. The unimaginable doom dawned upon the economy.

Even though the world is looking at easing out lockdowns and steadily picking up economic activities, some emerging trends, and shifts born out of the Covid-19 situation have been observed. The workforce saw a significant change in the working style and conditions.

Work from home has become the new normal of carrying on businesses. This power has come to the workforce thanks to the advent of the internet. The provision of a network and network supporting devices has brought businesses closer than usual, Most of the bloggers are using seo vps as their servers.

Since this change, companies have realized that it is, in fact, saving much in terms of infrastructural and operational costs. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a game-changer in this spectrum. Almost 57% of employees of most companies as per a Metova survey are opting to continue working from home.

Coupled with this new trend, the power of tools like blogs and digital marketing is surging to new heights. WordPress is the most popular blogging and business site which saw 14+ new free plug-ins be launched in the wake of Covid-19.

Many independent and small MSMEs have born during the period of the pandemic. Most of these businesses are proving to fair well in the market.

Ode to WordPress and its free plug-ins and advertising options, new entrepreneurs are able to start off autonomously without much infrastructure except the almighty Internet!

WordPress Stairway to Relevancy in Covid-19

Many businesses are seeing a rapid decline but some seem to take off quite well which is accorded for the internet usage spike in the last months by almost 10-12%.

All of these are leaving an imprint on the WordPress developers in a different way. The one which involves data from downloads, installations, and new sales records for seo vps Servers.

  • WordPress popular search in Google Trends

WordPress popular search in Google Trends

The word “WordPress” in-between February- March 2020 saw a nearly 2% increase in Q1 as compared to last year. In 2018 and 2019, the search had fallen to 1.4% in the previous year’s Q1.

The figures are clearly stating that as more people are stuck at home, the avenues to look for work online and taking work online has increased to great exponential. In 2020, the search is seeing steady growth.


  • Increase in plug-in downloads

As compared to the previous year’s figures, the changing WordPress projects also mean a change in the download plug-ins. A jump of 19.8% as compared to last year’s 2.14% is recorded in terms of the download plug-ins for the months of February-March. This does not come as a surprise given the new release came just around the month-end.


  • New Registrations

New sellers are joining the portal to utilize their subscription-based plug-ins or themed businesses. The market is now attractive enough to catch consumers online.

A lot of developers who have a free product are also engaging in WordPress to sell plug-ins as an additional income window. Paid plug-in sales have escalated quite high in the month over month reports.


  • Free Plug-Ins winning popularity

March 2020 observed the increasing popularity of free plug-ins. This however does not mean that paid plug-ins are done for. There is quite a steep in the sales there as well just that people are holding back a bit more. A growth of about 9.5% shows that people are not skeptical or compensatory when it comes to WordPress plug-ins anymore.

WordPress is leveraging out of the free trend but also must look at discounts as this is the right time for it. Discounts using coupon codes would not just attract sellers and buyers but also leave a brand recall. People are not hesitant about shifting businesses online and blogging is the best promoting gateway currently for any service or product.

Shared Hosting is the new co-working space concept?

The web hosting sphere for businesses is predicted to gain momentum keeping the trend in mind. The web hosting market will see a rise of 9 billion dollars globally by the end of the analysis period of a report called “Global Web Hosting Services Industry”.
As per this report, the Shared Web Hosting would overtake dedicated hosting in lieu of the growing at home business emergence. The shared hosting will witness several redesigns in its concept.

The United States will readjust CAGR for the Shared Hosting segment at 19.9%. Among the worst-hit Germany will dedicate $7.6 billion for the next 7-8 years. Whereas Japan too promises $8.8 billion by the end of the analysis period.

The rapidly changing geopolitical, business, and consumer reactions towards China post the pandemic outbreak will also impact the web hosting services given that mainland China would despite all odds witness a growth of 17.8% in the next couple of years.

The Web Hosting market size was worth $60.9 billion in 2018 but it is estimated to be worth $183.18 billion by 2026. A CAGR rise by 15.1% is notable during the forecast period.
Major changes and growth will be observed in the web hosting sector because of two strong reasons-

  • Push in Mobile Marketing

    Push in Mobile Marketing

The cluttered commercial market requires a strong social media presence in the Covid-19 period. Be it SEO or SEM that one opts for, mobile marketing is the best tool to be visible as that’s where the TG is currently most of the time.

In order to curate ads and publish a company needs a domain name and a website/app. This means a huge increase in the web hosting scenario.


  • More number of small-scale businesses


In 2018, the dedicated hosting segment held 27.9% of the market. It was the most preferred because of its 99% uptime, adequate space storage, complete control, and security.

Many big-shots would still prefer to have a dedicated hosting despite employees working from home and now days seo vps is on Boom.

But in the wake of Covid-19, as layoffs have increased and people are running out of jobs, they have turned to the internet to start their independent small-scale businesses. Most of the SMEs require the basic website, app, and domain name to run their businesses.

Since they are not huge on their capital to invest in the expensive dedicated servers, more and more businesses are opting for shared hosting.

Apart from these a strong wave in North America with the use of AI tools to enhance domain performance and data management is looked at by the big boys like GoDaddy Inc., AT &T Inc., and Amazon Web Services.

Covid-19 has coerced people to churn their brains and look for innovations in even the smallest fields and areas. The ways and methods of living and doing businesses have changed.
With the speed at which IoT was increasing, the change in blogging and hosting was not very far from sight.